What Is The Best Underwear For Pregnancy? These Options Are Both Comfy & Cute

When you inevitably run out and buy a new maternity wardrobe for your growing bump, there's one item you absolutely shouldn't forget: pregnancy underwear. While some women are able to get through their pregnancies with their regular rotation of undergarments, others find themselves needing an upgrade. So, what is the best underwear for pregnancy? Turns out, thankfully, there are more than a few options that are not only comfortable and affordable, but damn cute, too.

The first thing you'll want to figure out is whether you're looking for under the bump styles (very low cut panties that'll sit below your stomach), or over the bump styles (which feature a high waistline that you'll pull up and over your stomach). Each style has its pros and cons, and only you can decide which one is right for you. Luckily, most of these styles are inexpensive enough that you can order a few different ones to compare.

Another thing you might want to consider is what your needs will be after you give birth. If you're having a C-section, for example, you might want to rock a high-waisted style that won't irritate your incision (massive granny panties were my savior after I had my daughter, for what it's worth).

Here are nine great options to choose from, no matter what style you're looking for.


Giftpocket Under Bump Maternity Panties

These cute under bump maternity panties prove you don't have to sacrifice style. They're available in a huge range of colors and come in packs of two, three, or five.


Warmword Maternity Panties

This cute six-pack of under the bump maternity panties comes in some adorable pastel shades. And with sizes available up to 3XL, finding the right fit should be less of a hassle.


Under Bump Boy Short Panties

These boy short maternity panties look perfect for letting you comfortably rock that cute maternity sundress you've been dying to wear. They're long enough to keep your thighs from rubbing together and chaffing uncomfortably, which is key during these hot summer months.


Stay-Fit Under Bump Maternity Panties

These under bump maternity panties get great reviews on Amazon. They come in tons of cute colors, and as they're 95 percent cotton they should be very breathable and stretchy.


Plus Size Maternity Fold Over Panties

These plus size maternity panties are available in up to size 3X. The foldover panel at the waist means you can adjust them to suit your wardrobe and your comfort.


Low-Cut Under Bump Maternity Panties

These barely there maternity panties are cute enough to be indistinguishable from your regular lingerie. They're also touted as being low-cut enough to make them work for C-section moms.


H&M Cotton Maternity Briefs

H&M's over the bump panties are a steal at $8 for a two-pack. Plus, you can feel good about the materials they're made from as they're 95 percent organic cotton.


Lacy Maternity Boy Shorts

Who says maternity underwear can't be sexy? You'll want to keep wearing these lacy maternity boy shorts from H&M well after you've given birth.


Maternity Support Briefs

Lugging around your pregnant belly all day can leave you achy. These maternity support briefs might be able to help give your back a break.