There Will Be A Huge Twist In Episode 5 Of 'AHS: Apocalypse'

Before American Horror Story: Apocalypse started airing, creator Ryan Murphy revealed that there would be a surprising twist in its fifth episode. When "Boy Wonder" airs on Oct. 10 on FX, it may be a game-changer, upending everything viewers know so far and altering the course of the season. But what is the big event in Episode 5 of AHS: Apocalypse?

Murphy didn't offer much more than a vague tease when he spoke to Entertainment Weekly, saying, "It's a season unlike anything we've done because there's a big hook to it. There's a huge thing that happens in Episode 5." While almost every season has a twist or two, it sounds like this takes things to the next level. And when Apocalypse already killed off more than half its cast in its third episode, topping itself it going to be hard. Whatever this twist is, it's going to be major.

Fans have begun to speculate about the future of Season 8, and especially the big event that's going to happen in Episode 5. While there isn't much to go off of in Murphy's statements or promos for "Boy Wonder," viewers have still been able to come up with some interesting ideas. And without further ado, here they are.

It Was All A Dream

The trailer for Episode 5 shows Cordelia having a vision of a dark future, so Reddit users little_effy and jinglejangz speculated that perhaps everything fans have seen so far is part of Cordelia's vision. None of it has actually happened, and the rest of the season will follow the witches as they try to prevent the apocalypse. They might even try to get Michael to use his Satanic powers for good.

The Return Of Misty Day

Several other Redditors, including huntychaser, believe that "Boy Wonder" might see the resurrection of Misty Day, who died at the end of Coven when she could not complete the Seven Wonders. It would make sense, especially since Michael seems to be going around bringing witches back from the dead, but it wouldn't exactly be a series-altering twist.

Hero Becomes The Villain

So far, it seems like the apocalypse was orchestrated by the villainous Michael Langdon, but what if the twist revealed that the world ended because of someone much less obvious? On Reddit, user BetweenTwoLungs12345 thought that perhaps Cordelia actually caused the end of days because she was so worried about losing her place as Supreme. Her attempts to hold onto her position would open the doors for the horrors to come. She's such a beloved figure in the fandom that it would definitely be a shock for her to cause the downfall of civilization.

Double Trouble

Michael Langdon was actually a twin, though his brother Jeffrey died moments after his birth in Murder House. Redditor saejin1983 thought that perhaps Michael's long lost twin could figure into the events of Season 8. Perhaps Jeffrey will be resurrected as well; he could be instrumental in Michael's success or failure. It would be unexpected enough to qualify as a twist.

It's A Hoax

Reddit user rapzel79 thought the big event of Episode 5 could be the reveal that the Cooperative doesn't exist. There are no other outposts. "The whole thing could be an elaborate ruse for some reason?" they wrote, adding:

Not the apocalypse itself; it's clear there's actual nuclear winter happening. But maybe there isn't this grand cooperative with these multiple outpost? Maybe someone for some reason just wanted to gather all these people together? It seems like more than coincidence that three witches and a possible warlock (Tim) could all be together in the same shelter. [sic]

Michael isn't above lying to everyone, so it is possible.

Multiple Timelines

Reddit user iamcarlbarker theorized that the twist would "involve splintered timelines." Perhaps Cordelia will have multiple visions of all the ways the apocalypse could go, and the season will explore all those variations. That could change the entire format of the season, which would certainly be huge.

Whatever happens in Episode 5 of AHS: Apocalypse, it's sure to something that was impossible to predict.