The Chair Method Can Change Your Bedtime Routine

Discovering the right sleep training method is a lot like looking for the perfect pair of shoes. You hunt around and try a few on before striking gold with the best fit and feel. Parents who've been shopping the baby sleep market will be familiar with approaches like Cry It Out, No Cry Method, and Ferberizing, but what is The Chair Method and what makes it different from the others? This one uses philosophies of two classic sleep training methods and provides a good compromise for parents who don't see eye-to-eye on approaches.

The more you and your partner learn about sleep training, the more you'll realize how crucial it is that you both agree on the method and vow to stay committed. The Chair Method is one that allows parents with differing options to meet in the middle, since it is a hybrid of crying and comforting. According to Baby Sleep Site, The Chair Method is when a parent sits in the baby's room (in a chair, hence the name) in order to provide a reassuring presence, reminding the baby that she is not alone. The hope is that just knowing the parent is close by will be enough to encourage the baby as she self-soothes to sleep.

If you were to categorize this method, it would fall under fading techniques. The ultimate goal of The Chair method is to move you chair farther away from the baby's crib every few nights, as Baby Center explained. With each scooch of your chair, you're baby is gaining confidence to go to sleep on her own, even though you're a little farther away. Eventually, you will be able to put baby down and walk out the door. And instead of tears from your little, you'll hear tiny snores. A parent who used The Chair Method told Parents magazine, "I moved my chair progressively further from the crib until I was finally sitting outside a closed door."

Although this method has some great success stories, be prepared for the going to get tough. As the website for Oh Baby magazine explained, it can be difficult to be in the same room as your crying child and not physically comfort her. It's reassuring to remember, that at least you are in the room with your baby and she's not all alone.

Like with any sleep training method, with consistency and dedication, The Chair Method can be a triumph for families who need their baby to develop healthy sleep habits. Sticking with it may be challenging at times, but the payoff is worth it.