David Giesbrecht/Netflix

'Iron Fist' May Come Face-To-Face With The Hand

Since Marvel and Netflix teamed up to bring various different comic book heroes to life, there's been multiple different villains. From Wilson Fisk to Kilgrave to Cottonmouth, for every hero there's been a villain and with Iron Fist/Danny Rand it's no different. On the new Marvel show the main villain is Harold Meachum, the former business partner of Danny's dad Wendell, but Danny may find himself facing another adversary in the form of The Hand. So what is The Hand on Iron Fist? If you're a fan of Daredevil, you'll recognize the name.

During the second season of Daredevil the mysterious organization was first introduced. Their plan was to turn Matt Murdock's friend and ex-lover Elektra into their prophesied weapon, and based on how the second season ended it appears that's still their plan. In the comics, The Hand is a ninja order that serves a demon referred to as "the Beast," and there's a long history between The Hand and Elektra, who was part of another order called the Chaste, the Hand's greatest foe.

The Chaste has yet to be mentioned in any of the Netflix Marvel shows, but comic book characters that were also in the Chaste include Stick, who did appear on Daredevil. It's unclear if The Chaste will also become a part of the series, but The Hand definitely will continue to be an adversary for the Defenders.

While at New York Comic Con, a clip was shown that revealed Danny trained with the monks at the mysterious land of K'un-Lun to become the Iron Fist, "the sworn enemy of The Hand," Entertainment Weekly reported. Therefore it appears that at some point, either in Iron Fist or The Defenders, fans will probably see Elektra and Iron Fist face-off.

It looks like the shows are prepping for The Hand to be the major villain in The Defenders, which will be exciting to see, especially since, as far as Matt knew, Elektra was dead. It'll be interesting to see all these characters, some of whom have never heard of The Hand and others who are very aware of its danger, come together to try and form a team and keep New York City safe. With The Hand most likely comes The Beast, which would be an even bigger foe for the team of superheroes.

You can see how big of a threat The Hand still is when Iron Fist premieres on Netflix on Friday, March 17.