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Apparently, This Is The Most Romantic State In America, According To GrubHub

I'll admit it: I'm a sucker for Valentine's Day. I love having an excuse to eat a nice meal, wear some red lipstick, and spoil the person I love. Two things I don't love, however? Crowds and cold weather – things that are inevitable when you venture out on February 14. Luckily it's 2019, and there are plenty of ways to bring the restaurant to you. The only thing more romantic than going out is staying in, and this is the most romantic state in the U.S., according to GrubHub.

There are a lot of Valentine's Day meals being ordered via GrubHub every February 14, but which state orders the most? GrubHub checked out data from Valentine's Day 2018 and compared those order trends to other Wednesdays throughout the month of February. The results showed that Louisiana saw the biggest increase in orders on the romantic holiday, followed by Nevada and the California. No reservations, no sitting in traffic, no straining to hear your date over a noisy restaurant... residents of these states clearly have the right idea.

Of course, the increase in orders doesn't necessarily mean everyone is having a romantic date at home. In my single days, Valentine's Day was my excuse to order a 2,000 calorie meal from my favorite restaurant and #TreatMyself. The holiday also fell on a week day last year (and does again this year), so who's to say some of these orders aren't for exhausted parents skipping a night of cooking?

Well actually, the items being ordered point to romance. GrubHub's own data showed a major increase in certain festive foods; sweet heart rolls saw an order increase of 203 percent, and filet mignon, New York strip, and lobster ravioli were among the top 10 orders made on Valentine's day. Additionally, oysters saw a 99 percent increase in popularity on February 14 – these supposed aphrodisiacs are a hot item on the romantic holiday.

An additional survey conducted by a third party (and which GrubHub shared with us) collected responses from 1,927 U.S. consumers and dove into how food preferences can affect a relationship. Yes, that's right... according to their findings, what you choose to eat (or not eat) can actually affect your love life. Of those surveyed, 90 percent said they prefer if their partner had the same food preferences they do, with 42 percent even considering it "a potential relationship breaker" if they don't have the same preferences. It turns out, men care more about this than women do – 54 percent of men said it matters, while only 31 percent of women agreed.

If you've ever argued with your love about what to order, you're not alone. 71 percent of the people surveyed admitted they've argued with their significant other about what to order, with 23 percent even saying it happened "frequently" within the past year. This tidbit made me feel a lot better about my own habits. When I tell my husband I "don't care" what we order for dinner, I obviously really mean, "I care deeply about what we order, I just can't decide on something specific. Keep listing different things until something finally sounds good." Ordering food online can be an opportunity for a romantic gesture too, however. 95 percent of the people surveyed who were in relationships stated they knew their partner's order by heart. Now that's love. (It's also an easy way to get back in their good graces after an argument, FYI.)

Show a little love this Valentine's Day, whether it's with a partner, your family, your friends, or yourself. If you're the type of person who had a reservation booked for months, or planning on ordering in, there is one thing we can pretty much all agree on: the real way to anyone's heart is through their stomach.

Edit note: This post has been updated to correct the sources of the festive foods and customers' food preferences data.