The Pros & Cons Of The Wait-And-Pee Method

Every since my sister became a mom, life has been totally different. Our conversations have shifted from sharing dirty secrets to discussing whether Jordyn finally slept without a diaper. These days, it seems potty training is the biggest thing on her mind. Though my sister has considered different methods to get my niece used to using the potty, one method she wanted to stay away from was the wait-and-pee. Not being a mom myself, I had to wonder "what is the wait-and-pee method" and why is it so bad?

So of course, I did a little research to figure out what this mysterious method was and how it benefits toddlers. According to Parenting, the wait-and-pee method is essentially giving your child the opportunity to potty train themselves. Although most parents encourage their children to use the potty by placing them on it or insisting that they use it instead of going in their diapers, this method has parents showing their support and praise once the child decides to go on their own. Parenting also noted that the wait-and-pee method promises less frustration and fewer "accidents" from the child because letting them decide when they're ready helps them to succeed quicker. Seems like a good deal, right?

Well, before you make the decision to dive into the wait-and-pee method, you should know that your child will be in diapers longer if you use this method, Parenting noted. Additionally, one of the mothers on Babble wrote that there is an issue with parents never insisting that their children go to the restroom. The mother argued that there should be no difference between insisting that children sit on the potty and telling them to sit down to eat. Though parent led potty training may seem like a force on your toddler to get it right, it's really just a way to provide the framework for the succeed. Wait-and-pee, however, gives the child more control and lets them do it on their timing.

So, is this the right method for potty training for your little tike? For my sister, the answer was no, but that doesn't mean it won't be the top choice for you.