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Dolores' Plan On 'Westworld' Could Prove To Have Deadly Consequences

At the end of the second episode of Westworld Season 2, Dolores took Teddy somewhere inside the park and announced that she was showing him a weapon that she was going to use to destroy the humans. The audience didn't get the same view of this mystery item that Teddy did, likely leaving them wondering: what is the weapon on Westworld?

Unfortunately, there aren't many clues. There were only two scenes in "Reunion" that even hinted at the weapon, and one was Dolores revealing it to Teddy. The first was a flashback to Dolores and young William. After giving her a monologue right out of the Nice Guy handbook, he took her out to look at some construction in the park. Whatever they were building seemed to be especially massive, with tons of scaffolding, and it looked vaguely familiar. With the surrounding mountains, it could have been any number of stunning vistas in the park — including the spot where Dolores showed Teddy the weapon.

If the construction William unveiled to Dolores was the same as the weapon she took Teddy to, then viewers know two things: the weapon has been there for at least 30 years, and it's something very large in size.

It's easy to take the idea of the weapon literally. The island (or islands) where Delos has built their parks are vast, which means there's plenty of space to go around; the company also isn't above using the parks for projects besides fantasy fulfillment, like the DNA-harvesting Bernard discovered in Episode 1. There's a chance Delos allowed the government of some country to build a huge missile or something similar on their land. It would probably be financially beneficial for them, and it would also mean there was a giant, actual weapon just chilling in the park that Dolores could take advantage of to blow some things up.

But Westworld has resisted literal interpretations in the past. The maze that threaded its way throughout Season 1 ended up being more figurative. Instead of a game within a game that could give William an enhanced experience, it was an inner test of Dolores' consciousness and sentience. The weapon might be more figurative in nature, which makes it harder to figure out but will guarantee its reveal is more of a surprise. After all, if it was just a bomb, why wouldn't the episode show it? If Westworld is trying to build mystery, then the weapon must be something unexpected.

With a show that tries to defy expectations as much as Westworld does, it's difficult to determine what might work as a weapon. It's entirely possible that I'm overthinking things and there is a missile waiting on Westworld's shores that Dolores can use to show the human world exactly what she thinks of it — or, at the very least, she can use it to destroy the island so that any memory of the park is obliterated while she continues her robot invasion in foreign lands.

But there are so many secret projects and unknown scenarios happening within the park that one can't discount an unforeseen solution. Maybe the weapon has something to do with all of the information-gathering Delos is doing with the guests. Dolores could destroy them by exposing exactly what happens in the park, making the violent delights public knowledge with full video evidence. It would be a very timely storyline if that were the case.

But without more to go off of, it's impossible to say what exactly Dolores is planning. All anyone knows is that she's ready to rain destruction down on her oppressors without mercy. Whatever route she takes to do that, it's going to be an explosive one.

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