Tori Roloff Had The Perfect Job To Prepare Her For Parenthood

New parents Zach and Tori Roloff welcomed Jackson Kyle into their arms on May 14. Without a doubt, the two Little People, Big World stars are busy. But before baby Jackson put everything on pause, what was Tori Roloff's job? The 26-year-old mom was a kindergarten teacher before she started her maternity leave a month ago, which definitely helped prepare her for motherhood.

Tori posted an Instagram celebrating her classroom of kiddos in April, calling her last day "bittersweet." A committed educator, Tori's message shows that she was super close to her students; "To say I'll miss them is an understatement," the post reads. The remainder of her message is just as heartfelt, and too darling to pass up:

I am so thankful to have had a group that was so easy and respectful. Saying goodbye to them was so hard, but I know we have such An amazing adventure ahead of us. Can't wait to take baby roloff back to school to introduce him to the kids he's listened to the last 9 months!

But will Tori ever return to teaching? She's still listed as a staff member on Beaverton School District's website, as a part of the kindergarten team. Whereas the other three teachers have active blogs, though, Tori does not; She's likely taking time off of teaching to focus on what really matters — her new bundle of joy.

You can catch Tori's adorable adieu to her "kinders" below:

At just a couple weeks old, Tori and Zach's son has achondroplasia, just like his father. If anyone knows how to raise a child with dwarfism, it's Zach; "You have to encourage a dwarf child a little more because it will take them five steps to do what others can do in two," he shared, looking at it as an opportunity more than anything else.

In his first ever video appearance, the couple introduced Jackson in a quick clip on TLC's website. With Zach cuddling the newborn, the parents talked about what it was like to hold their son for the first time. "It felt super surreal and natural," Zach affirmed, showing he's just as nurturing as Tori. "You just get, like, a confidence with your own child," Tori chimed in.

Addressing Jackson's condition: "He's an LP," Zach explained (meaning "little person"). "So he's just like me ... we're super excited for it, though. We'll hope to just give him a happy, healthy life." Tori added, "And support him in every way."

Tori and Zach have one lucky kid. In no time, Tori will be teaching Jackson all the lessons he'll get to a bit later in school. This, in addition to Zach's personal understanding of achondroplasia, sets Jackson up for the the best upbringing ever.