Tristan From 'Marriage At First Sight' Is Keeping A Low Profile

The breakout stars from this season of Married at First Sight are Tristan Thompson and Mia Bally. The couple was married on the first day they met, and they've had one of the most up-and-down relationships in the history of the show. Fans want to know what Tristan is going through, so they’ve been looking for clues on his social media accounts. So what is Tristan from Married at First Sight’s Instagram?

It doesn’t look like Tristan has an Instagram account that is public, and with so much of his life in the public eye, I can understand why he might need a little privacy. His marital journey hasn’t been an easy one. Most notably, his new wife was arrested on charges of stalking her ex as the two attempted to board a flight for their honeymoon. But in a clip from Episode 5, Tristan seems to be giving his marriage with Mia a fighting chance, and the two have tried to work things out. “I want to put this behind us, I want to move forward,” Tristan says in the clip. “I am committed to be married to her. I want to be married to her.”

The two were paired through the show’s matching process, and they seemed to make the perfect couple. Both came from devoted and spiritual Christian families, and they were both pursuing a lifelong marriage, just like their parents and grandparents. Everything seemed to be going well for the couple, during and after their wedding day. It wasn’t until they got to the airport that things began unravelling, and apparently much of it was a surprise for the show’s production staff as well.

During the show’s third episode, one of the show’s producers, Eric Detwile came to Tristan’s room to tell him that they ran background checks on Mia, but the complaint was filed a day after they ran the check. Detwile showed Tristan the felony warrant out for Mia on three charges of stalking and fraudulent use of a credit card. Tristan looked exhausted and confused, and called the whole situation “a bit overwhelming.” Detwile also told Tristan that the whole arrest was “a shock” to him as well, and that the producers were not expecting any of it.

According to police reports obtained by Monsters and Critics, Mia's ex-boyfriend Jared Evans filed complaints against her in 2017 and 2018 for harassment and fraud. The complaints reference different occasions in which Mia allegedly showed up at Evans’ home and work, and was repeatedly told by police to stop further contact with him. The report also revealed that Mia was taken from airport detention to the Tarrant County Jail, where her mugshot was taken.

While Mia has given Tristan her version of what happened and the two are trying to put the past behind them, on the latest episode, Tristan still seems to have some trust issues. In Episode 7, Mia is upset with Tristan for telling his friend about his lack of trust in her. “I told you that there’s a cloud hovering,” he tells Mia. “You don’t know how much hell this has been for me, and I actually needed someone to talk to — it’s been so much.” While the two seem to talk their problems out, I can understand the level of distrust Tristan has. He married a complete stranger, and within days of their marriage she was arrested and sent to jail, so it will probably take time for him to fully trust her.

Because both of their Instagram accounts aren’t publicly accessible, you’ll have to tune in to the show to see their marriage story unfold. Married at First Sight airs on Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. ET on Lifetime.