Beth Dubber/Netflix

Tyler Is Planning Something On '13 Reasons Why'

by Zakiya Jamal

Warning: spoilers from Episode 13 ahead! The season finale of 13 Reasons Why left viewers with a lot of questions about what the future held for all the people that made it onto Hannah's tapes. One character that seemed to be up to something was Hannah's stalker, Tyler. So what is Tyler planning on 13 Reasons Why? It looks like he's out for revenge.

Although what Tyler did to Hannah was wrong, the way his classmates treated him throughout the season wasn't much better. After Hannah's tapes started getting passed around, the other people who heard the tapes took to throwing rocks at his window. Even Clay, who is usually the nice guy of the group, took a picture of Tyler naked and sent it around to everyone at school, in the same way Tyler's picture of Hannah and Courtney circulated. As the season progressed Tyler continued to be ostracized by the others on the tapes, even though the others did things that could be seen as just as bad or worse than what he did.

By the final two episodes it became clear that Tyler had had enough. He met up with a suspicious person in an alley and purchased something that was wrapped up. Later on it was revealed that the item was a gun and that Tyler actually has a multitude of guns and ammunition hidden in the bottom of a trunk he keeps in his room.

After that, he's shown in the school's dark room looking at pictures of his fellow classmates. He remembered a moment when Alex had stood up for him against one of the jocks, and Tyler took down Alex's picture, not yet knowing that Alex had actually shot himself in the head.

Tyler left the rest of the pictures up, making it seem like this was his list of potential targets. Unfortunately, it looks like the worst is yet to come for Hannah's classmates. It definitely feels like Tyler could be planning a school shooting and he's just finalizing the preparations. Hopefully, someone can step in and help Tyler before it's too late, like it was with Hannah. However, unlike what happened with Hannah, if Tyler follows through on these plans, he won't just be hurting himself — he could end up killing some of his fellow classmates.

Though Hannah may have wanted these tapes to change people and the way they treat one another, this could end up having the exact opposite effect. Viewers will just have to wait and see if there's more to come or if the show will end here.