What Is Vagina Fogging & Is It Worth Trying?

Nothing helps you relax and unplug like a day at the spa. Who doesn't love a deep tissue massage, pedicure, and . . . a treatment for your lady parts? Yep, these days you can have your hand and vagina care all in one stop. You may have heard about this fairly new spa menu option, but weren't clear on what the buzz is about. So, what is vagina fogging? Well, even though it's relatively new stateside, it's been a tradition for women in Bali for years. The practice also goes by the names vaginal steaming, venus smoke, and yoni steaming; and even V steam for short.

As Real Bali's website reported, vagina fogging is mean to cleanse, cure, and beautify the vagina by using a bundle of herbs known as ratus. Used for both homeopathic properties and fragrance, the herbs are thought to enhance vaginal care. Lavender and rose petals are a few of the most commonly used herbs for vaginal steaming, preferred for their pleasant scent, while rosemary and marigold are said to offer cleansing properties. Once the proper herbs are chosen, the ratus is lit and the smoke is absorbed by the vagina, as Bali Live explained.

This treatment requires you to sit on a chair or stool which has a hole in the middle for the smoke to waft up through. To receive maximum benefits of vagina fogging, psychosexual therapist Dianna Palimere, wearing a loose fitting gown so not one poof of the ratus smoke is wasted. Since the tissue of the vagina is very porous, once the steam opens the pores, the beneficial qualities of the herbs can easily be absorbed.

As Dr. Rosita Arvigo, a naprapathic physician and herbalist told Mind Body Green, there is a long list of benefits to vaginal fogging which keep women coming back for more treatments. If smelling like a spring meadow isn't enough of a benefit, vaginal fogging has also been known to help with PMS symptoms, treat yeast infections, and lessen the symptoms of menopause. All exciting motivators to give the experience a try.

But if you're thinking of treating your vagina to this special ritual, make sure you're timing is right. The best time to go fogging is either right before or right after your period, according to Holistic Wisdom. And if you're preggo, it's a no-go. Vaginal fogging while you have a baby on board is not allowed.

Although it might not be your idea of a traditional day at the spa, if you're open to something new, vagina fogging may become your new favorite treatment.