Monty Brinton/CBS

What Is Zakiyah's Job Outside 'Big Brother 18'? It Could Come In Handy

Last Wednesday, Big Brother 18 kicked off with a bang. Already filled with twists and unexpected surprises, the house is now divided into teams and secret alliances, and Zakiyah Everette has found herself in the middle of it all. Joining the Eight Pack alliance with the returners, she has kept herself safe from the eviction block the first week and who knows what other tricks she may have up her sleeve. It's possible Zakiyah's work experience outside of Big Brother may have provided her with some helpful tools to help her win this competition.

Back home in Charlotte, North Carolina, Zakiyah is a preschool teacher, which means she knows exactly how to deal with bickering kids and how to keep the peace in a classroom. It seems like Zakiyah may already be using these skills. She has successfully left the newbies behind and has aligned herself with the vets, knowing a winning team when she sees one. Zakiyah knows how to play well with others and knows exactly what to say to get on someone's good side and keep them calm when drama unfolds. Additionally, many other members in the house may underestimate Zakiyah because of her job, giving her another advantage.

It's clear Zakiyah knows how to play the game, and she'll do anything to win. Just because she teaches preschool kids doesn't mean she's all sweet. Zakiyah has spice to her and that's already been made clear in the way she quickly changed sides when she realized the newbies were going down fast. If anyone thinks Zakiyah doesn't know what she's doing, they're highly mistaken. For now, it seems Zakiyah is playing the game perfectly, slipping completely under the radar. No one is gunning for her and there's no targets on her back as of yet.

There's no doubt Zakiyah has a good chance of going far in this competition. If she doesn't win, she'll could at least make it to the finals and based on fans' reactions she has a very good chance at being a fan-favorite. Make sure to keep an eye for Zakiyah in Wednesday night's episode of Big Brother. She's definitely one to watch.