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Kate Middleton's Favorite Thing About Being A Mom Couldn't Be Sweeter

Unless she's the world's best actress, Kate Middleton really seems to enjoy her job. Going from one engagement to another, the duchess is constantly beaming, embracing fans ,and warmly chatting about family life at the palace. But her latest engagement clarified what Middleton loves the most about being a mom, and it's so sweet you'll definitely say, 'Awww.'

As Harper's Bazaar reported, Kate's most recent mission was to visit the Henry Fawcett Children's Centre, which is located in Kennington, south London, according to the UK newspaper the Daily Mail.

As the Duchess of Cambridge learned about support programs the establishment offers for parents, kids, and their other caretakers, Middleton — mom to George, 5, Charlotte, 3, and Louis, 10 months, Harper's noted — shared with other moms what makes having a family so special for her.

As the Daily Mail reported, Middleton made herself right at home, sitting down in the middle of a Mommy and Me circle on the floor with kids, unconcerned about her Gucci purple silk blouse and sharp black trousers.

"Louis just wants to pull himself up all the time," Middleton told some of the parents, per People. "He has got these little walkers and is bombing around in them."

But the most interesting and cutest revelation of the day came when Middleton was sharing with another mother about the ups and downs of having small children.

According to the Daily Mail's royal correspondent, Rebecca English, the other mom shared that Middleton "was asking about the best thing for us as parents and told us that for her it was getting hugs from her kids."

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The mom added that Kate was "lovely," "down to earth" and "she said that we all had our ups and downs as parents, regardless of who we are," Harper's Bazaar added.

This tracks with Hello! magazine's assessment that Middleton just loves chatting about her own kids with well-wishers, having also recently discussed Louis' fast speed at crawling and his progress in teething at public engagements.

As for her love of small hugs, that's just the cutest. I feel the same way with my kids, so I totally feel Kate. I think you can also tell just by looking from afar that this generation of the royal family is "huggers," and married women (Kate and Meghan) who are extroverted and warm in the same way.

After all, just looking at the Kensington Palace feed on Twitter, you can't even count the number of times either Harry's or William's spouse has reached out and touched someone during a speaking engagement (Markle was all about hugging, for example, during her engagements last fall at the Hubb Community Kitchen, as People detailed.)

The princes have both spoken of growing up with Princess Diana, who was an extremely affectionate mom, according to Business Insider.

USA Today noted back in 2013 that Princess Diana bucked royal tradition by giving birth in a hospital and not having her kids home-schooled. So it makes sense that now that they're grown, her boys have a modern approach to parenting as well.

Keep it up, Kate, your sweet mom style is fun to watch.