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'Legacies' Continues To Mystify Us When It Comes To Landon's Existence

One of the biggest mysteries on CW’s Legacies is Landon Kirby’s true identity. He claims to be a normal human, and while fans may believe him, there are clues hinting that he might come from a supernatural background. He can’t be compelled and was singled-out to steal a magical knife linked to an ancient force. So, if he isn’t human, exactly what kind of creature is Landon on Legacies?

While the show hasn’t explained what he is yet, there are a few indications that connect Landon to the ancient underworld of Malivore. In Episode 5, one of the supernatural creatures released by the knife — a dryad — tells Alaric and Dorian that her arrival had something to do with “Malivore” while she scribbles it’s symbol down with her nail. In Episode 6, Landon pulls out a picture of his birth mother, Seylah, and in it, she is wearing a necklace with the same exact symbol. But there are only scarce details about what Malivore is. In Episode 7, the Necromancer tells Hope that while she was trapped inside his mind, he summoned the spirit of the man who forged the magical knife.

“From this man, I heard the remarkable story of Malivore, created to wipe the scourge of the supernatural off the face of this Earth,” he tells Hope. “Malivore consumed us, erased us. It was permanent death and it was in Malivore that we were left to perish, until recently, when the knife started beckoning us to bring it home.” The Necromancer also tells her that the realm was contained by “three locks created to seal Malivore shut” — the knife being one of them — and when all three locks return home, Malivore will unleash the evil it’s imprisoned all these years. He goes on to confess that he managed to steal the knife and destroy it, which means there are only two locks left to unseal Malivore.

It’s too soon to tell, but Landon could be one of those locks. So far, all he’s said about his past is that he was in foster care with Rafael since childhood, and that he knows nothing about his family or background. In an effort to reveal any supernatural abilities, Hope puts Landon under a series of physical and mental tests, including using a magical lie detector, until she realizes that he has no magical powers and might actually be telling the truth. However, when Emma runs a lineage spell on Landon, she finds that he has absolutely no trace of magic in his bloodline. Emma tells Hope that almost every human has some trace of magic in their bloodline from an old ancestor, so Landon not having any is pretty unusual.

After going through all of Hope’s tests — only to realize he has no supernatural strength or abilities — Landon is ousted from the school by the newly appointed honor council. Even Hope voted for him to leave, but only in an effort to keep him safe from the school's supernatural students. When Landon leaves to catch the next bus out of Mystic Falls, Hope hands him some money and a ticket to her hometown, New Orleans, then tells him he’s going to meet someone who will help him find answers about his background.

Landon definitely seems to have some connection to Malivore, but fans will have to keep watching through the season to find out what kind of creature he really is.

Legacies returns with an all-new episode on Thursday. Jan. 24, 2019 on The CW.

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