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Here's What The Tickle Monster's Real Job Is, 'Bachelor' Fans

If I told you I was a professional Tickle Monster, and then revealed that actually I was a doctor, would you be confused as to why I'm putting such an impressive-sounding career on the back burner? This is probably a question many Bachelor Nation fans have asked themselves ever since Tickle Monster stepped out of that limo to greet Rachel on The Bachelorette. So what don't we know about his actual profession? What kind of doctor is the Tickle Monster? The Bachelor in Paradise star has many layers that he strangely hasn't talked much about.

When Christen learned that Matt was leaving Paradise, she probably didn't expect that she was soon to be the object of affection for two totally different guys the very next day. But soon after her would-be-lover's departure, Christen found herself between a Jack Stone and a hard place, the hard place being a grown man who calls himself the Tickle Monster. (I'm sorry — I had to). Christen seemed to be very attracted to the Tickle Monster, whose actual name everyone seems to have forgotten, referring to him just as "Tickle Monster" or simply "Tickle." (His name is Jonathan Treece, in case you were wondering.)

Christen said, "I think it takes a lot of confidence to let your job title be Tickle Monster when you’re actually a doctor." Very true. It turns out that Tickle is actually an accomplished doctor who treats everyone from "newborns to geriatrics."

According to his LinkedIn profile, Tickle is a doctor whose specialties include: "Weight loss- Joint Injections- Skin procedures/biopsies- Discolored nails/nail fungus treatment." So if anyone on the resort finds themselves battling some sort of skin ailment or develops a mysterious rash, we now know who the best person to treat this would be. While yes, this is not exactly the sexiest kind of doctor in the world, somebody has to treat skin diseases. And if I'm at a cocktail party talking to an attractive man and I ask him what he does, you better believe I would prefer he say, "I'm a doctor," rather than "I'm a Tickle Monster!"

It remains to be seen whether or not Tickle Monster will find love on Paradise. Perhaps he and Christen really will fall in love with one another. Or perhaps Tickle will have to return home to look for love elsewhere. All I really know is that I hope whoever he does fall in love with takes the time to learn his real name. "Hi, I'm Jonathan and I'm a doctor," is a perfectly attractive opening line, Tickle. I promise you. You don't have to be the Tickle Monster forever.