Is The Sex You're Having Is Too Rough For Pregnancy?

It your body is surging with pregnancy hormones, you may find that you're in the mood to get it on more than ever before. In fact, some women claim that they've had the most incredible sex of their lives while expecting. But with great pregnancy sex comes great responsibility, and there are some signs of trouble moms-to-be should be vigilant about. Knowing what kinds of sex are too rough for pregnancy means knowing what to lookout for during and after a romp in order to keep you and your baby safe.

Even if you've been given the thumbs up by your health care provider to get busy while sporting your baby bump, going too wild in the bedroom could cause issues. As OB-GYN Dr. Bruce Rosenzweig explained to Parents magazine, "this isn't the time to have the most vigorous sex because you don't want to cause trauma to the vagina or cervix." According to Our Bodies Ourselvesm the vagina is more sensitive during pregnancy due to the extra blood flowing to the pelvic area, so sex that's too rough could lead to some complications. Knowing where to draw the line with high-intensity intercourse is beneficial for both mama and baby.

If things are getting too hot and heavy, your body will let you know. Although it's common to have mild spotting or cramping after sex, if you experience heavy bleeding, leak amniotic fluid, or have pain that doesn't go away after sex, you should call your doctor or midwife, as March of Dimes suggested. These are red flags from your body that rough sex caused a problem and it needs to be checked on by a professional.

But intercourse isn't the only sexual act that can be too vigorous during pregnancy. There are some limits when it comes to oral sex as well. According to What To Expect's website, blowing air into the vagina during oral sex could cause an air embolism to block a blood vessel, a life-threatening condition for a pregnant mother and her baby. Making your partner aware of this possibility will remind them to be extra cautious, even when caught up in the moment.

As Mayo Clinic pointed out, "as long as your pregnancy is proceeding normally, you can have sex as often as you like." But knowing when to say when on the rough stuff mean protecting your body and side-stepping any complications with the pregnancy. Communicating with your partner and listening to your body will help you enjoy a satisfying pregnancy sex life for all nine months.