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The Big Milestones Baby Hits By 3 Months

When you're a new mom, it can often feel like you're on a constant hamster wheel of diaper changes and feedings, with an occasional shower thrown in. But in the middle of all of the monotony, your baby is developing a lot. So if you were bored, take comfort in the fact that things are about to get very interesting. If you want to know whether or not your baby is keeping up with the Joneses, you might be wondering what milestones should baby hit at 3 months.

The 3-month mark is an exciting time in your baby's development. Done with all that newborn stuff, your little guy has now officially graduated to infant status. And with that new label comes a host of new developmental milestones that will be as exciting for you to watch as they will be for him to discover.

More head control, increased hand-eye coordination, and even the beginnings of language development are all happening during this busy time. You may even get to enjoy a little more sleep at night, as your baby begins to hold more food in his stomach. But keep in mind that every baby is different. If for some reason your 3 month old isn't doing some of these things now, just be patient. Unfortunately, babies can't read any of the parenting books, so they may not know what they're supposed to be doing.


They Holding Their Head High

According to WebMD, your baby's neck strength begins to improve at 3 months. This means she should be able to start holding her head upright on her own without looking like a bobble head.


They Kick It

Around this time your baby is getting stronger, and will start to move his arms and legs with more intensity. As the American Academy of Pediatrics mentioned, most babies will begin stretching their legs out and kicking at 3-months.


They Sleep For Longer Periods Of Time

Sleepy parents may begin to breathe a sigh of relief as their babies cross over into infancy. As WebMD mentioned, a baby's stomach can hold more milk at 3 months, which often leads to them sleeping for longer stretches of time during the night.


They Roll Over

All of that tummy time is about to pay off. The increased muscle strength and motor skill development will have him trying to find different ways to move around. As Bounty's blog mentioned, some babies begin to roll onto their tummies at the 3-month mark.


They Notice Their Reflection

As her eyesight develops, your baby will begin to notice a lot more of the world around her — including her own reflection. As Baby Center mentioned, babies find delight in staring at their reflection. Unfortunately, they won't realize they're looking at themselves until they're 2 year old.


They Being To Babble

Although they're not ready to have a conversation, your baby is going to try. You will notice your baby begins to babble around the 3-month mark and even attempt to imitate some of the sounds he hears, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics.


They Start To Grab

This is the time that your baby begins to develop the coordination to open and close her hands on her own. It also means that she will want to close her hands around your shiny earrings, Christmas ornaments, and other colorful objects. You will notice that your 3 month old begins to grab just about any and everything that interests her, as Baby Center mentioned.


They Smile

At 3 moths, your baby will begin to smile, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. This is probably one of the most adorable developmental milestones, and one you'll want to have the camera out for.