All The Milestones your Baby Will Hit At 6 Months

At 6 months, you and your little one probably have a pretty good mommy-baby groove thing going. You are learning to interpret his cries and he is learning that when he cries, people stop and take notice. Your camera has been working overtime to capture all of his amazing firsts, but in the back of your mind you may be wondering if his development is on track — after all, you've got to think about college, right? For that reason, you've surely asked yourself, what milestones should baby hit at 6 months?

Your baby has made it halfway through her first year on the outside. And in a short time, she's accomplished quite a bit. From experimenting with solid foods to sitting without support, she's so much more than that tiny newborn you used to watch sleep half the day. In the coming month, you can be prepared to watch her sit without support, hold a bottle on her own, and even respond to the sound of her name.

As always, these milestones are meant to be a used as a guide. There's no need to fret if your baby hasn't accomplished everything on this list. Babies are doing a tremendous amount of learning and growing behind the scenes every single day. And though he may not be crawling today, but one day he'll be running, and he'll never stop.


Fun With Foods

As WebMD mentioned, most babies will be ready to start solid foods at 6 months. Most likely, you'll begin with an iron-fortified cereal mixed with breast milk or formula. But once he gets used to that, you can begin experimenting with strained fruits and vegetables. Just be sure to give him a day or two between introducing new foods to be sure there aren't any allergies.


Say My Name

Your baby may not be able to say his name, but by 6 months, he'll start to know when other people are saying it. During this time, your baby will begin to respond to his own name, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


Sitting Up And Taking Notice

By 6 months, your baby is getting stronger and gaining more control of her muscles. She'll look less like a drunk bobble head and will begin to learn to keep herself upright. According to Fisher Price's blog, your 6 month old may be able to sit unsupported for nearly 10 minutes.


Who Is That?

While he may have been comfortable around almost everyone before, now your baby will begin to show a preference for his primary caregivers. Around 6 months, your baby will start to express anxiety around strangers, according to Bounty's blog.


Rocking And Rolling

This time in your baby's life is going to be filled with plenty of movement. According to Parents, your 6 month old will begin to roll from their belly to their back and back again. It's only a matter of time before crawling starts.


Holding The Bottle

According to Baby Center, by 6 months, some babies will be able to hold their own bottles. But even if he can hold the bottle, you should avoid propping a bottle up in his mouth, as he may overeat and choke.


I Can See Clearly Now

According to What to Expect, between 5 and 7 months, your baby's vision is nearly fully developed. He'll start seeing things in color, and will even begin to prefer certain colors over others.