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Lisa Rinna Goes Way Back With Charlie Sheen & 'RHOBH' Co-Star Denise Richards

Denise Richards is the newest cast member of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but she's not new to the rest of the cast. In fact, she goes way back with Lisa Rinna, as does her ex-husband Charlie Sheen. They've all shared the screen together in the past. But what movie was Lisa Rinna in with Charlie Sheen?

Lisa appeared with both Sheen and Denise in the 2001 romantic comedy Good Advice. Sheen starred as an ethically bankrupt Wall Street broker named Ryan who finds himself literally bankrupt when a deal goes awry. Fired from his job, he moves in with his superficial girlfriend Cindy, who was played by Denise. After she flakes on him, he takes over the advice column she had been writing for a local newspaper. In the process, he learns, grows, and starts giving — you guessed it — good advice to his readers. He also falls in love with his editor, Angie Harmon's Page. Lisa plays a supporting role in the film as Veronica Simpson, wife of a publishing bigwig. Veronica and Ryan are having an affair at the start of the film, but it seems he's entirely reformed by the end.

Good Advice isn't streaming for free anywhere, but interested parties can rent or buy it on Amazon or YouTube for under $10.

Good Advice wasn't exactly a smashing success when it was released. On Rotten Tomatoes, it only has a 29% rating, which means its reviews were less than positive. But even if it didn't make much of an impact on audiences while it was in theaters, it did influence the lives of its stars. According to People, Denise and Sheen first met on the set of Good Advice, though a romantic relationship didn't spark between them until they co-starred again on the sitcom Spin City.

The connection between Lisa, Sheen, and Denise continued after filming concluded on their 2001 romcom. Back 2010, Us Weekly reported that Lisa and Sheen shared a nanny as well. The unnamed au pair had cared for Lisa and Harry Hamlin's daughters Delilah and Amelia for six years before looking after the twin boys Sheen shared with ex-wife Brooke Mueller, Max and Bob.

Lisa and Denise remained good friends, too. While talking to Extra, Denise revealed that Lisa offered her advice when she was deciding whether or not to join Season 9 of RHOBH, which premieres on Bravo on Feb. 12. "I just asked her about it, she just loves it and has so much fun, so I just thought it would be fun to do," Denise said.

Lisa was enthusiastic about welcoming Denise onto the show when she sat down with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live. "She is such a good time, she's a legend, I'm going to say that right now," Lisa announced.

Already having a bestie in the cast will help Denise fit right in on RHOBH. Who could have predicted that a romantic comedy from eighteen years ago would prove so significant to a season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?