Sonja Flemming/CBS

'BB19's Elena Davies Has Her Own Radio Show

The houseguests are now all moved into the Big Brother house and as fans get to know them it's not surprising that they want to know all about who the houseguests are not just inside the house, but outside as well. For example, during the premiere Elena Davies mentioned she's a radio show personality, but what radio show is Elena from Big Brother 19 on? You may have heard her voice on The Kid Kraddick Morning Show where she's a regular contributor.

Mainly, Elena works on the show's "Tinder Tuesdays" segments" in which she discusses finding the best dating apps and how to actually meet someone using said apps. She also co-hosts the podcast Two Peas in a Podcast, with Caroline Kraddick, who is Kidd Kraddick's daughter and a radio personality in her own right. According to Caroline's blog, their podcast covers everything from tattoos to their latest obsessions. They also occasionally have guests.

You may have also recognized Elena from the time she's appeared on the TV show Dish Network, which sometimes shows her, along with the rest of the Kid Kraddick Morning Show hosts, doing the radio show. Of course, Elena's radio team is supportive of her competing on Big Brother this season, though Caroline admitted on Twitter she'd be fine with Elena quitting so they could hang out again.

Jokes aside, it looks like Elena's work family really supports her, as do her fans. Though Elena's Twitter account is private, she already has 10,000 followers and that will probably only grow the longer she stays in the Big Brother house. But even though Elena's quasi-famous in the outside world, that won't necessarily help her in the house.

In her meet the cast interview, Elena revealed that she was worried her "really big personality" might not work with the other houseguests. During the first episode, she even noted how while Raven was a cute, Southern girl with charm, Elena was the opposite with her rough-around-the-edges Southern demeanor. Even so, it seems Elena did just fine for her first day in the house.

She was able to win Paul over by making him a cheese sandwich, which led to him giving her one of the friendship bracelets that kept her safe from being put up for eviction. So just keep doing you Elena; it's clearly working. And when in doubt, just start handing out cheese.

You can see what happens next for Elena and the rest of the houseguests when the Big Brother 19 two-night season premiere event continues at 9 p.m. ET on CBS this Thursday.