The Safest Sex Positions For The 3rd Trimester

Despite what people may try to tell you, sex is not off limits just because you're growing a baby. But the further along you get in your pregnancy, the more roadblocks you may run into. That’s completely normal, but may cause you to wonder what sex positions are safe for the third trimester.

As long as you’re comfortable and haven’t had complications or restrictions from your doctor, there aren’t a ton of sex positions considered unsafe. In an interview with Parents, Director of Urogynecology at Rush University Medical Center Dr. Bruce Rosenzweig said during the third trimester, you need avoid sex positions that will keep you on your back. Rosenzweig warned against the missionary position, not just because your belly may be in the way, but because the enlarged uterus presses on the aorta and vena cava when you’re on your back. The vena cava is the major vein that returns blood to the heart, and significant weight on it could raise blood pressure or decrease blood from getting to the heart and the baby.

Additionally some of the safest, or most controllable and comfortable, positions during the third trimester include woman on top, spooning, side by side, doggy style, and sitting up on the edge of a chair or bed, according to The Bump. These positions are considered great for the third trimester because they can offer support for your growing belly and often give you more control over deep penetration, which can be more uncomfortable the further along you get.

It may be comforting to keep in mind that sex is rarely unsafe, regardless of what trimester you’re in, according to Fit Pregnancy. Because of the amniotic fluid and your cervix, there’s a lot shielding and protecting your growing baby, even during rough sex in your third trimester (if you’re into that.) If you’re still uncomfortable with penetration, oral sex is always an enjoyable option as well. So if you’re still in the mood to have some fun between the sheets during your final months or weeks of pregnancy, go for it.