Here's What You Should Wear Home From The Hospital

In all the preparation that comes with having a baby, sometimes it's easier to focus on less-pressing, yet still relevant matters. I remember mulling over what I should wear home from the hospital for much longer than necessary. After much research, I settled on a generously-sized maxi dress, but also packed some yoga pants and a t-shirt as back-up (I was rocking the universal mom uniform long before I was a mom). So, what should you wear home from the hospital? There are a few options.

In a best case scenario, you'll look about five months pregnant when you're ready to leave the hospital with your new bundle, according to Parents. Attempting to squeeze yourself into your pre-maternity clothing is sure to just leave you a blubbering, hormonal mess on the floor of your hospital room (I've been there, it's not fun). As Parents noted, a safe choice for your homecoming outfit is a comfortable maternity dress, or a loose tunic and leggings. (Especially if you have a C-section incision.)

Clothing with a drawstring or an elastic waist (attractive, I know) could be a good option, as well, according to Kids Health. The truth is that you'll likely not know what you'll look or feel like when getting ready to make the trip back home, and comfort is key. Even the National Health Service (NHS) of the United Kingdom suggested loose, comfortable clothing for your trip home.

Of course, you should wear whatever you want, whether that's your favorite pair of jeans or a new dress bought specifically for the occasion — you just want to be comfortable and happy. As for what I ended up wearing home from the hospital? It turns out that I could fit into neither outfit one, outfit two, or either of my two pairs of shoes (UGGs and flip flops). I went home that day barefoot, wearing my husband's pajama pants. But you know what? It didn't matter at all.