"Move Your Body" To That Lexus Super Bowl Ad

On Sunday, the the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons will face off in the biggest #sports game of the year, and that means it's almost time to stake out some prime real estate on the couch to pile up a plate with buffalo chicken dip and enjoy the ads. The evening will be so high-energy (lots of testosterone on that field, footballers) and the entire enterprise is so hotly anticipated that we're even getting a pre-game sneak peak. One of the advertising wonders released ahead of the game combines style, choreography, and music so effectively, in fact, that diehards are already Googling what song is in the Lexus Super Bowl commercial ahead of the big day. Move over, conversions and end zones and "I'm going to Disney World!" — I'm here for the jams.

If whatever stop-and-start football shenanigans that go down on the field don't already have you on your feet Sunday, the sleek, mesmerizing 30-second spot for the Lexus LC certainly will. In fact, viewers may not be able to resist the urge to move their own bodies as they get their minds blown by dancer Lil' Buck's indescribably skillful dance moves alongside a red iteration of the vehicle as the two connect over a Sia club anthem. "Move Your Body" is the soundtrack to "Man & Machine," and it's impossible to imagine a better match.

The song hails from the singer's 2016 album This Is Acting, so there's a a good chance that potential Lexus buyers will have already done some bumping and grinding to it in the club. "Machines don't have emotions," Minnie Driver says in a voiceover as Lil' Buck performs impressive feats of human movement with the song as his backdrop. "But the rare few can inspire them."

And in the commercial, the music seems to inspire the dancing, and vice versa. "Move Your Body" boasts the type of lyrics that celebrate physicality and demand that anyone who hears it respond to the beat. It's almost a no-brainer that it's currently at the top of Billboard's Dance Club Songs list.

The rhythm and the lyrics are pretty irresistible:

Poetry on your body
You got it in every way
And can't you see it's you I am watchin'
I am hot for you in every way
And turn around, let me see you
Wanna free you with my rhythm

Whatever happens with the Super Bowl, Lexus (and by extension, Sia) already has a real winner.