What Song Is In The LIFEWTR Super Bowl Commercial?

The most colorful ad of the Super Bowl has a remarkably familiar voice accompanying it. As raindrops transform the world in bright patterns, John Legend's impeccable vocals paint an even dreamier landscape for Pepsi's new premium water brand. So what song is in the LIFEWTR Super Bowl commercial? The company spared no expense in promoting artistic luxury, making sure to have the sleekest soundtrack possible.

Featuring a revamped version of Legend's "Love Me Now," the unfurling splendor of a rainbow world matches the lyrics perfectly. "When I open up my eyes, inspiration all around. I feel so alive and I know it in my heart, something magical is about to start," Legend sings, while a father and daughter, an older couple, and a group of young friends all notice the world around them changing. Sun showers coat sidewalks, flowers, cars, and umbrellas, so that suddenly the entire city is covered in abstract patterns. The commercial ends as "Art makes life #MoreInspired" flashes across the screen, followed by an image of the company's three, differently patterned bottles. Seeing as the ad was directed by Robert Stromberg, who directed Maleficent and served as Production Designer on The BFG, Alice in Wonderland, and Avatar, it's no wonder that the commercial is so captivating.

Notably, the lyrics used in the ad differ from Legend's original, recorded version of the song. His original tune focuses wholly on a dire, immediate and intimate love, echoing: "I don't know who's gonna kiss you when I'm gone / So I'm gonna love you now." The official "Love Me Now" music video features families in all parts of the world from all walks of life, most notably his own — Chrissy Teigen and Luna are at the center of the video in a sweet and beautifully moving family portrait.

You can watch the LIFEWTR ad and listen to Legend's special version of "Love Me Now" below:

Called "Inspiration Drops," the ad itself is meant to establish the connection between LIFEWTR and various featured artists, whose works are displayed on the company's bottles. The LIFEWTR website shares a prospective goal of "turn[ing] every LIFEWTR bottle into a canvas for new art," noting that "new artists will be featured on LIFEWTR bottles every three months."

Seeing that premium water remains in style, this marriage of art and music makes it just that much more appealing. Here's hoping that each new series of bottles brings even more new music along with it; Promoting a message of love will always be on-trend.