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This Is The Song That's Playing In The 'Jessica Jones' Season 2 Trailer

Jessica Jones' past is coming back to haunt her — whether she likes it or not. At least that seems to be what's happening in the new Jessica Jones Season 2 trailer, which was released on Wednesday morning. But while the video is filled with the usual sharp banter and copious amounts of whiskey drinking, there was a haunting melody playing in the background that really helped to set the mood. So what song is playing in the Jessica Jones Season 2 trailer? While parts of Jessica's past remain a big question mark, I'm pleased to say that this is one mystery that can easily be solved.

The title of the song is called "Runaway" by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, which can be found on the band's 2009 album It's Blitz. I think we can all agree it offers up the perfect tone to help reflect the struggle Jessica is going through. The trailer shows flashbacks to when she and her parents were in that terrible car accident so many years ago, which resulted in their deaths. So why did she survive? Jessica believes she had experiments done on her that made her into the super-powered vigilante she is today.

As you can see from the clip, digging into her past is going to bring up some pretty dark memories — ones that she's undoubtedly suppressed for many, many years (and with good reason). In fact, that's probably how Kilgrave will be able to make his grand return. It was announced last year that David Tennant would reprise his role as the mind-controlling villain that made Jessica's life so miserable.

The news understandably confused some fans since Season 1 ended in his highly satisfying death. So how can he possibly be back when we saw Jessica kill him? I have a sneaking suspicion this walk down memory lane is going to result in a Kilgrave-sized hallucination of sorts. So he's not physically back, but his presence will definitely be felt throughout the season. The trailer might not have featured him heavily, but it isn't hard to guess who's behind that slow clapping (that's radiating a purple-ish glow) at the end of the teaser.

But old ghosts aside, this deep dive into her past will also make Jessica wonder who else out there has powers like her? Who else has had this done to them? And if so, should they be considered to be a friend or a foe? Fans will just have to wait to find out for sure, but I can't deny that this footage makes me even more excited for the new season than I already was. And the song choice is just the cherry atop this Marvel sundae.

It's honestly just the type of thing you could picture Jessica listening to when she's brooding over this latest mystery she's looking to solve. I mean, just listen to some of these lyrics:

I was feeling sad
Can't help looking back
Highways flew by
Run, run away
No sense of time
Like you to stay
Want to keep you inside

You can also listen to the full song below:

It perfectly encapsulates how Jessica's probably feeling. I don't know exactly how this is all going to play out, but I'm fairly confident that Season 2 could prove to be just as could — if not better — than Season 1, which is really saying something.

The search for answers is never easy, especially when it comes to superhero origin stories, but let's hope it allows Jessica to find the peace she's looking for and be able to move on once and for all.

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