Myles Aronowitz/Netflix

'OITNB' Season 5 Trailer Has The Perfect Song

by Megan Walsh

The trailer for Season 5 of Orange is the New Black guarantees an eventful season with a lot of upheaval within the halls of Litchfield Prison. Much of the trailer concerns the riot breaking out as the inmates take a stand to fight for their rights after enduring months of abuse at the hands of the new guards, which culminated in Poussey's unfair and untimely death. After being pushed much too far, the inmates of Litchfield have reached their breaking point and the trailer shows things unraveling while a very fitting song plays over the scenes. But what song is playing in the OITNB Season 5 trailer?

The song is "The Way I Do" by Bishop Briggs. Bishop Briggs is the stage name of LA-based British musician Sarah Grace McLaughlin; it comes from the name of her parents' hometown, Bishopbriggs, Scotland. You might recognize her from her other singles, "Wild Horses" and "River." The song used in the OITNB Seaosn 5 trailer definitely sets the tone for the season: its slowly building tension reflects the increased restlessness in the prison. There's something painful but hopeful about the song, too, that feels right at home with this particular show. Lyrics like "will never know this pain" definitely echo what the inmates are feeling, making the song work well in context.

It looks like OITNB Season 5 will be picking up right where Season 4 left off, which makes total sense considering the dramatic cliffhanger that last season ended on: Daya pointing a gun at Humphrey, one of the worst of the new prison guards. Poussey's death (and the fact that no one in the prison administration took appropriate action to deal with it) was a turning point for the show. The women of Litchfield are understandably angry; after putting up with so much for so long, they need to find some way to make their voices heard.

The music plays under dialogue that makes it clear just how much pain the women are feeling – and how intense the show has become. "Do you get what's going on here?" Taystee says in one scene. "We get beat for no reason. We're stuffed four in a bunk like we're factory chickens. We're denied basic humanity." After the hell these women had been put through in Season 4, they can't take much more. All of it seems to be coming to a head in Season 5.

Orange is the New Black Season 5 debuts on Netflix on June 9. "The Way I Do" by Bishop Briggs can be found on YouTube or iTunes.