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These Few Stores Are Open On Christmas Day

Is it just me, or do the weeks leading up to Christmas feel like pure chaos? By the time Dec. 25 rolls around, I always feel like I suddenly lost track of time, and I know I'm not the only one. To top it off, many people find themselves scrambling to buy last of the last-minute gifts and ingredients for the holiday celebration. This is even more likely if your in-laws are the type to show up unannounced. But do you know what stores are open on Christmas Day in case you need to make a quick trip for some essentials? You may even be curious to know because you don't celebrate Christmas and just want to enjoy the day like any other, perhaps to do some quiet shopping. For an introvert like myself, this is basically a dream come true.

Keep in mind that most stores aren't even open on Christmas day. In fact, for a majority of companies, December 25 is the only day of the year that they close. For the handful that might be open, know that it highly depends on location, location, location. And if you're betting on making a trip to a store for some shopping, always call ahead of time to make sure that they indeed are accepting customers.

If you don't have any gatherings planned on December 25, there are some restaurants are open on Christmas Day where you can pop in to grab a bite to eat with yourself, friends, or family. Holiday cooking isn't for everyone, after all, and not everyone even celebrates the holiday.

When you do find a store or restaurant that is open though, be extra kind to the employees, and keep in mind that they're working hard on a major holiday. It will mean more to them than you know.



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According to a rep from Ulta, holiday hours on Christmas Day will vary by location. So, depending on your nearby store, you might be able to sneak in a last-minute haul. This will be especially handy on Christmas Day, whether you have a product junkie on your list or randomly decided that your holiday makeup needs more sparkle. Or perhaps you received a gift card and just can't wait to use it.



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Makeup lovers will be happy to know that some Sephora locations might be open on Christmas Day, too. Like Ulta, the holiday hours of this beauty mecca will vary from store to store. Locations that aren't in malls will be more likely to be open, but be sure to call ahead anyway. From festive nail polish to luscious face masks, Sephora might very well be the go-to place for a last-minute gift for someone special, including yourself.



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On a normal day, CVS is an absolute lifesaver — even more on Christmas Day when you realize you're out of toilet paper or cheap wine. Some locations will be open on Christmas, so it's worth checking out if you need a few essentials, like an extra toothbrush for your last-minute guest. Don't forget to call ahead of time before heading out the door.



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Similarly, Walgreens' holiday hours vary by location, so your local store might be open come Christmas Day. This store is also a godsend when you need essentials ASAP, from ibuprofen to coffee. And if need to fill up those stockings in a jiffy? Walgreens has lip balm, candles, and everything in between.



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Some Walmart locations may be open on Christmas. Exact hours will depend on whether or not the store is a 24-hour location, so be sure to call ahead of time to be sure. If it is open, it can seriously save your butt on Christmas Day, regardless of what you need. In one trip, you can grab butter, pajamas, dog food, blankets, you name it.


Pier 1

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A rep from Pier 1 shared that Christmas hours will vary by location. This may come in handy if you're in desperate need for decorative pieces like lighting or ornaments to make your home look more festive before certain relatives show up. Or maybe the cat attacked the Christmas tree, and it's looking pretty naked. Whatever the reason, some Pier 1 locations might be open on Christmas Day.

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