Stores Are Selling Out Of Fingerlings Fast, So Here's Where You Can Get Them

By now, you've probably heard the buzz surrounding Fingerlings, which are shaping up to be one of the most popular toys this holiday season. That is, if they're not all sold out by then; these interactive monkeys are already selling like hotcakes! So, before the holidays officially begin, you might be wondering which stores are selling Fingerlings.

If you don't know much about them yet, here's the lowdown. Manufactured by WowWee, the original Fingerlings come in six different options — Bella, Boris, Finn, Mia, Sophie, and Zoe — and they're going for $15 and up apiece. These baby monkeys can make more than 40 different sounds, and you can allow them to cling to your finger (hence, their clever name,) the side of a notebook, or even a marker or highlighter. Really, I'm sure your kiddos will have fun trying to hang them from all sorts of places!

Aside from the adorable ability to cling onto things, Fingerlings can interact with your child in a number of different ways. Tapping once or twice on the two sensors located on the tops of their heads can elicit a variety of responses. Or, try tipping them upside down if you want to get your Fingerling laughing. Your little monkey will even coo and give happy eye blinks when stroked gently. Another cool trick: Blow kisses at your baby monkey and it will respond with a kiss of its own. (And sometimes a sneeze.) Did I mention theses little cuties also burp and fart? Yep, it's decided — my kids will love them.

Whether your children are rocking them to sleep or making them sing by clapping their hands, it's easy to see why Fingerlings are in such high demand three months before the holidays. But the real question these days is: Where can I even get my hands on Fingerlings at this point. You can go to Amazon and find them fairly easily — although prices seem to be hovering around $30, depending on the seller. At Fingerlings monkeys are available through third-party sellers only for between $20 and $50, and some colors are sold out entirely. All of the monkeys appear to be sold out on Target's website, on the Toys "R" Us site, and online at

And as if the Fingerlings monkeys weren't difficult to find at a reasonable price, there was also a unicorn named Gigi that sold exclusively at Toys "R" Us. A sloth named Kingsley was briefly available at both Toys "R" Us and on Amazon, too. Unsurprisingly, both Gigi and Kingsley flew off shelves and are currently out of stock. Again, you could look to eBay if you're willing to cough up $30, $40, $50 or more.

Of course, there's always eBay, There, you'll find Fingerlings-a-plenty — just at noticeably marked-up prices. But hey, your chances of scoring a rare unicorn, sloth or any of the hard-to-come-by Fingerlings play sets are pretty slim at this point. So if you're willing to drop the case to ensure them under the Christmas tree, that's your call.

If you're willing to play the waiting game, you can start religiously stalking the Walmart, Target, Amazon, Best Buy, and Toys "R" Us websites in hopes Fingerlings will eventually come back in stock. Or, you could let this handy website called ZooLert do the work for you. This genius tool will actually track online and local store stock for you! It features a real-time Fingerlings stock tracker — which updates every minute — and even shows which ones are available, their prices and when stock is running low. Signing up for email or text alerts would probably be the easiest route to go, but you can also leave the site open on your computer and be alerted to changes that way.

The bottom line: Fingerlings look awesome and your kids will probably want one. But the closer we get to the holidays, the harder it will be to get your hands on one. So weigh your options, make a plan — and good luck!

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