The Best Temperature Baby's Spring Sleeping

It may seem like just yesterday you were sipping egg nog by the fireplace, but in most parts of the country, Spring has already sprung. For many people, the arrival of longer, warmer days is a great opportunity to clean, redecorate, and get a fresh start all around your home. If you're wondering how to get your nursery ready for the warmer weather, you might be wondering, what temperature should your baby's room be in Spring?

When you have a baby, getting the temperature in the nursery just right could be the difference between sweet dreams and sleepless nights for your entire family. A room that's too warm can increase your baby's risk for SIDS, while a room that is too cold can make it difficult for your baby to get herself settled and fall asleep, according to VeryWell. So what is the ideal temperature to afford your baby the best night's sleep? You may think that warmer is better for sleep, but you might be surprised to learn that that is not necessarily the case. According to Parents, the ideal temperature for your baby's nursery is between 65 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

But if you don't have the ability to control your own thermostat, don't worry. You can still create a comfortable sleeping environment for your baby by dressing him for optimal comfort.

Just make sure you do it with care. Adding blankets and bulky bedding can increase your baby's risk for SIDS, according to Parents. But as Babble mentioned, you can layer your baby in footie pajamas, onesies, and blanket sleepers as a safer option to keep him warm.

As you get ready to begin Spring cleaning around your house, it's also a great time to test the thermometer in your baby's room to make sure you set the mood for a good night's sleep for your baby.