What Time Will 'Serial' Be Released On Thursdays? It Will Be Up Early, But Not On iTunes

The wildly popular podcast Serial debuted its second season last Thursday morning, to the delight of mystery nerds everywhere. Rabid fans can't wait to hear more from host Sarah Koenig, which leaves everyone wondering what time will Serial be released Thursday morning, and can we can expect the forthcoming episodes to drop on a regular schedule? The episodes will drop early in the mornings and regularly, but not on iTunes.

Season 2 of Serial focuses on the case of Bowe Bergdahl, the U.S. Army sergeant (then private first class) who walked away from his post in Afghanistan in 2009, and was then captured and held by the Taliban for nearly five years, according to the New York Times. While Bergdahl doesn't dispute that he abandoned his post, he objects to being portrayed as a deserter or a traitor; he claims that he had good reason to walk away, and he'll be using Serial as a platform to explain himself.

Adding further intrigue to Season 2 is the fact that, unlike Adnan Syed's case in Season 1, Berdahl's case is playing out at the same time as the show. While a military court had yet to decide if Bergdahl would be facing any charges by the time Episode 1 premiered last Thursday, officials announced on Monday that Bergdahl will be court-martialed, and could potentially be facing a life sentence, according to CNN.

So when can we get our fix? Good news for early risers: Serial will premiere at 6 a.m. ET every Thursday on its own website, as well as on Pandora. Unfortunately, that spells kinda-bad news for Apple devotees: due to a partnership agreement with Pandora, episodes won't immediately be available in iTunes immediately, like they were last year, according to The Verge. They'll still show up, but Pandora will get brief exclusive rights, and there's seemingly no regularity to when the episodes will arrive on iTunes. So if you're not the patient type (no judgement here), iTunes isn't the way to go. But if you're a lazy clod who can't get out of bed until noon (still on your side), go for it.

Image: Serial