Buy Buy Baby's Black Friday Sale Includes $2 Sunscreen And 50% Off Baby Monitors

Black Friday is the chance to grab some fabulous deals for items you may have been thinking about buying all year. Some people use the discounted prices to stock up on the necessities, others to get ahead on their holiday gifts and the really strategic planners will be able to stash away birthday gifts and other must-haves for the year ahead. This year the discounts are strong and there are great things to buy at the Buy Buy Baby Black Friday 2017 Sale.

Black Friday sales are no longer only on the Friday after Thanksgiving, so you can head over to the Buy Buy Baby store or online shop now for tons of deals that range from half off of baby monitors to hundreds of dollars off of strollers and nursery furniture. Some of the discounts will also continue into the week after Thanksgiving. Whether you feel brave enough to tackle live shopping in the store or if you want to shop from the comfort of your own home, there's the potential to save a lot of money with these deals, and if you join the Buy Buy Baby e-mail list, you will get a coupon for 20 percent off one single item.

If you get jazzed by the idea of shopping on Black Friday, most Buy Buy Baby stores are opening at 7 a.m., so set your alarm, grab your coffee, ask your partner to stay home with the kids, and get ready to shop. Otherwise, online shopping is by no means a cop out. They are offering free shipping on orders over $29 or you can use the hybrid method of selecting everything on-line and picking it up in the store within two hours at no extra cost, provided the item is in stock.

No matter how you shop, there's no wrong way to do this!

Baby Monitors

Angelcare Baby Monitor ($115, Buy Buy Baby)

Baby monitors are "peace of mind" machines and there's a range of audio and video monitors available. They make great baby gifts and right now select baby monitor models are up to 50 percent off.

Swaddling Blankets

Rocking Horse Swaddling Blanket ($15, Buy Buy Baby)

It's always great to have extra swaddling blankets, especially when they are 25 percent off. Extras come in handy when your baby is doing some serial vomiting or if their poop is always seeping out of their diapers. These also make wonderful baby shower gifts, so get them at a discounted price while you can.

Strollers & Car Seats

Graco All-in-1 Booster Seat ($200, Buy Buy Baby)

If you are ready to move your child to the next size car seat or to replace that aging stroller, Black Friday might be a great time to do it. Several models of the Graco strollers and car seats are 20 percent off.

Playroom Furniture

Teamson Toy Storage Box ($100, Buy Buy Baby)

Teamson has tons of playroom furniture, from whimsical lamps to jungle-themed toy boxes and organizers to adorable storage benches. Their furniture is so bright and cheerful, you'll want them in every room in your house, which is easier to do at 40 percent off.


Babyganics Sunscreen ($2, Buy Buy Baby)

Sunscreen can get really expensive, so when there's a chance to get some at half price, do it. This can be especially useful if you live in a warm weather climate or plan on vacationing somewhere sunny.

Potty Trainers

Peg Perego Relax Potty ($5, Buy Buy Baby)

Portable kid potties are so useful when your child is toilet training and at $5 each, you can buy several of these — keep one in each bathroom and even leave one at Grandma's.

Storage Cubes

Modern Littles Folding Storage Bin ($8, Buy Buy Baby)

Never underestimate the feeling of peace that comes from a (momentarily) organized playroom. These cubes come in a bunch of colors and are almost half price.

Sippy Bottles

Eco Vessel Sippy Bottles ($12, Buy Buy Baby)

These sippy bottles are colorful and cute and will go everywhere with your kids. With almost half off the usual price, it's worth grabbing a few extra to keep around because we're pretty sure they're going to end up losing it at some point.

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