The Prettiest Arrangements From ProFlowers's V-Day Sale To Shower Your Boo

In the first few weeks of dating my now-husband, he asked, "We're not the kind of people who celebrate Valentine's Day, right?" It was a very leading question and unfortunately led to me replying, "Oh no, of course not," trying to impress him with my chillness. Truth be told, my real feelings about Valentine's Day came out eventually. Celebrating love with a few special acts of kindness and thoughtfulness? Sign me up. And that's why I'll be sending this list of the 10 best deals at the ProFlowers Valentine's Day 2018 sale directly to my husband, with plenty of time to order before the holiday.

While it's easy to write off big, online flower shops as not having the most unexpected options, it doesn't mean that they don't have some amazing offerings. Case in point: ProFlowers has a slew of cute vases and non-traditional flower options for your Valentine's Day needs, and their online sale just adds to the desire to fill your cart with little gifts for whomever you want to show love this holiday. With whimsical vases and blooms that will impress those who've written off roses long ago, it's worth checking out what ProFlowers has to offer. Plus, with their free shipping code FREESHIP, you can lower the cost even more, to impress your love.


Owl Always Love You

Owl Always Love You, $30 (was: $35), ProFlowers

What better day for a little pun than Valentine's Day? It's a little throwback to the days when you had to make a construction paper mail box and agonized over which cards and treats you would drop in your classmates' "boxes." Owl always love you is an adorable sure bet for this holiday.


Love In Blooms Red Roses

Love in Blooms red roses, $25 (was: $30), ProFlowers

Another adorable vessel for standard Valentine's fare roses, but it's really amped up with that tiny 'love' balloon! The roses will arrive in closed buds so your love can experience them opening up in the days to follow.


Birthday Girl

Birthday girl vase with pastel pink roses, $40 (was: $45), ProFlowers

It may not be an exclusively Valentine's arrangement, but it's downright adorable and your love will likely enjoy that vase for many occasions in the future. Even better if your Valentine's birthday actually is on Valentine's Day.


Heart of Gold Hoya Hearts

Heart of Gold Hoya Hearts, $30 (was: $35), ProFlowers

Here's an option that gives a nod to someone who really enjoys St. Patrick's Day, too. And hopefully the Hoya heart, which is an adorable heart-shaped leaf, will last that long as well.


Love Your Face Kalanchoe

Love your face Kalanchoe, $30 (was: $35), ProFlowers

Never heard of a kalanchoe plant? Me neither, but it's awfully sweet and unexpected for a Valentine's Day bunch. And that vase with eyelashes? Perfection.


20 Sweetheart Tulips — And A Bear!

20 Sweetheart tulips, $40 (was: $65), ProFlowers

If you're looking for a traditional present, this is a super idea for 20 multi-colored tulips and a bear! Discounted from $65, it's a steal.


Potted Red Roses

Potted red roses, $20 (was: $25), ProFlowers

If your date isn't so excited about cut flowers, here's a lovely option for just $20. Potted red roses in a vintage mercury glass vase that they can transfer to their own garden and enjoy for years to come.


Double The Love

Double the love, $35 (was $40), ProFlowers

Two bamboo plants, shaped into hearts and then potted into the cutest little geometric wooden vase — a little cheesy, but also unexpectedly sweet.


Hugs and Kisses Combo

Hugs and kisses combo, $50 (was: $85), ProFlowers

A dozen tulips and a dozen irises is a very elevated Valentine's bouquet. But add to it a bear, a box of chocolates, and a flashy 'love' sign and you've got a stunning combination.


200 Blooms Of Love

200 blooms of love, $30 (was: $40), ProFlowers

200 — 200! — blooms to show your love to your love! This show-stopping arrangement includes 50 stems of Peruvian lilies, with four to five blooms per stem, styled in a red or clear vase.

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