What To Do If It's Cold On Memorial Day

by Olivia Youngs

The weather can be an unpredictable thing. Although Memorial Day is typically the holiday of beach days and barbecue nights, lately it seems like the weather nation-wide has been too cold for the usual festivities. If your area is being bombarded with chilly weather this weekend, wondering what to do if it's cold on Memorial Day is likely the question on your mind.

Memorial Day will still go on in spite of rain, clouds, wind, or even snow, and there are plenty of equally fun ways to adjust your plans accordingly. Bring your beach party inside with a few simple tweaks or completely go off the books and do something you've never done before. The options are limitless, and chances are that you won't really mind the chilly weather if you spend the day with people you love.

A cold front shouldn't ruin your chances at a successful, restful, or party-filled holiday and with these ideas in the back of your mind, you'll be able to have fun no matter what. Whether you've got kids in tow or are partying it up adults-only style, these Memorial Day alternatives will be just as great as your tried and true back yard grill out.


Plan An Indoor Picnic

Bring your grill-out inside and enjoy the same relaxed atmosphere that you would in the warmth of your own home.


Go Bowling

Since most local attractions are likely open on Memorial Day, hit up the arcade, go bowling, or buy a game of laser tag. It's unconventional, but a fun way to switch up typical Memorial Day plans.


Head To Your Favorite Restaurant

Don't feel like cooking a summer-y meal on a chilly day? Let someone else do the work and treat your friends or family to a meal at one of your favorite restaurants. Or better yet, tap into your adventurous side and go somewhere you've never been before.


Go To A Local Memorial Day Event

Attending a local Memorial Day ceremony is an appropriate and educational way to spend your day. Look in the local papers or on your city's website for locations and times for the ceremony.


Have A Board Game Marathon

Your party doesn't have to be over once the food is gone. Keep the fun going with a marathon of your favorite board games. Or let the kids choose their favorite games to play — it could lead to come hilarious and unexpected outcomes.


Or A Drinking Game Marathon

Adults only? Take your game night up a notch and learn a new drinking or party game.


Bundle Up And Embrace The Cold

As your dad probably used to say, "a little cold never hurt." Bundle up and enjoy the day outside doing exactly what you had planned to do, but with a few extra layers on. Jump in mud puddles, pull out your favorite sweater, or build a snowman. There are no limits on your Memorial Day fun.