What To Do If Maintenance Sex Isn't Working So You Can Keep The Spark Alive

Whether you have differing libidos or schedules, plenty of couples want sex at different times. In these cases, it's common to use maintenance sex to keep whichever partner has a higher need at the moment happy. But you may be left wondering what to do if maintenance sex isn't working. Because going for it when you aren't totally in the mood is not for everyone.

Thankfully, there are many additional ways to spice up a relationship. These tips can help you both get back in the groove, and there's a variety of ideas for keeping things hot both in and out of the bedroom. By exploring new areas, taking time apart, and expanding your bedroom repertoire, you and your SO can keep things interesting.

Granted, no relationship can be perfectly fulfilling for both partners all of the time. For most everyone, it's a bit of give and take. But as long as you and your partner are willing to put in the effort, chances are you can find a way to reignite the passion and joy in your relationship. Sure, you may need to make some adjustments to your schedule or think outside the box, but in no time you're sure to find the sexy strategies that work for you both.


Become Early Risers

If your evenings are just too harried for romance, give the mornings a go. According to Elite Daily, morning sex is an intimate and fun way to start the day. After all, you can enjoy one another's company fully before the demands of the day intrude.


Make More Time For One Another

For most couples this is probably easier said than done, because squeezing more hours from the day seems impossible. Even if you can't afford a housekeeper or personal assistant to take on some of your workload, there are still ways to make the most of your time together. Even putting the kids to bed early and having an elegant night in, complete with wine and dressy clothes, is a fantastic option, as noted by Real Simple. Rethink date night.


Sext It Up

Sexting isn't just for the flirtation stage; it can add intrigue to an established relationship as well. In fact, partners who are comfortable with one another tend to sext more often, as noted by Cosmopolitan. If you need some inspiration, here are ways to sext like a pro.


Dress The Part

In an established relationship, it's easy to let the sexy dress-up clothes sit in the drawer. According to Bad Girl's Bible, throwing on some heels or using props can transform a routine evening into a hot night of eroticism. Wear whatever makes you feel sexy, whether that's a sharp business suit, a flowy dress, or lingerie.


Sex Up The Bedroom

Although you may not think about it much, the decor of your bedroom may affect your love life. As noted by Woman's Day, for instance, clearing away family photos, as well as the TV, may make your bedroom more conducive to lovemaking. After all, it's difficult to get in the mood when you're distracted by the latest episode of your favorite show, or the staring eyes of your relatives.


Use Literal Spice

Cooking is inherently sensual. As noted in Elite Daily, couples who heat things up in the kitchen tend to carry that energy over to the bedroom. You just might find a new favorite dessert.


Embrace Independence

It may sound counterintuitive, but making regular time to visit friends or pursue hobbies apart may be just what your relationship needs. According to Self, maintaining independence may help you both feel fulfilled. And that sense of happiness can only help the relationship.


Go Somewhere New

Most any relationship will benefit from a change of scenery now and then. As noted on The Huffington Post, exploring a new place together can really energize a relationship. Whether you jet off to Paris or hike a nearby park, these new experiences are crucial.


Play Games

For a budget-friendly night of fun, bust out some board games. To up the ante, play a strip version of whatever game you have on hand, as suggested on All Women Stalk. This entertainment is bound to be equal parts sexy and hysterical.


Reposition Yourselves

When you and your SO do have the time and desire for sex, why not shake things up a bit? Try out some new positions, as noted in Your Tango. You just might find a new favorite.


Sync Your Schedules

Scheduled sex? Yes, scheduled sex. According to Cosmopolitan, if you and your partner are both overbooked, then write down your date nights in your planner. It will be the most fulfilling item to cross off your to-do list.