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What To Do If You Think You're Falling Out Of Love

Long-term relationships have their ups and downs, but those low moments can test even the strongest bonds. At some point, you may no longer feel the spark with your partner. If you're wondering what to do if you think you're falling out of love with your partner, the answer is: don't panic. There are practically endless ways to rekindle love.

Falling back in love with your partner may be as simple as having an open, honest conversation or even a renewed zeal for date night. Sure, it may involve a shakeup to your usual routine, but isn't a little change really part of the fun? (Hey, the new seasons of Game of Thrones and Westworld are still a long ways off, so it's the ideal time to try something that doesn't involve chilling and TV).

Realizing your feelings have shifted can be a scary moment for any person in a couple. But it doesn't have to spell doom for your relationship. Read over these tips on ways to bring the fun back into your relationship before you really sound the alarm bells. By bringing flirty, fun behaviors back into your relationship, you just might fall in love all over again.


Talk To Your Partner

Sure, you've probably heard that communication is key about a thousand times over. But how can you approach that idea in a practical way? According the Psychology Today, maintaining small talk and making sure you share enough info about your day can help keep your communication from going stale. Whatever you do, keep talking.


Keep Dating

No matter how long you've been together, dates are pretty crucial. As noted on Elite Daily, dates give you the chance to have fun together, get out of the house, and find new things to talk about. Even something as simple as going out to dinner at a new restaurant can keep your relationship fresh.


Fight Effectively

What couple doesn't fight from time to time? Disagreements are inevitable, but it's how you handle them that makes the difference. Fighting fair means you refrain from personal attacks and maintain empathy, as noted by The Huffington Post. You can air those grievances (which is healthy) without belittling your partner.


Get Sexy

Pretty much every couple gets comfortable after a certain point, and you may not worry about trying to bust out the moves any longer. But to keep the spark alive, you can always try new things in bed, or even just slip on some new lingerie. Keeping the romance alive can be sexy indeed.


Focus On You

It may sound counterproductive, but sometimes the best way to improve your relationship is to take some me time. As noted in Glamour, putting yourself first from time to time can have a positive reaction on the relationship overall. Taking care of yourself is still vitally important.


Be Playful

Falling back in love doesn't have to be all seriousness all the time. In fact, a little silliness may be just what you need. For instance, playing games together or just being goofy can even add some spice back to your relationship, according to Everyday Health. Sometimes laughter is the most romantic sound of all.


Show Gratitude

Showing gratitude is something of a trend lately, and with good reason: it helps you feel better about your life. This can go doubly for your relationship. Showing gratitude can help you remember the positive things in your relationship, and it will also help your partner feel more appreciated. Everyone wins.



Hey, all the flirty fun doesn't have to come to an end when your partnership gets serious. In fact, Bustle noted that flirting can make your long-term relationship more sizzling than ever. A friendly touch or kiss can make those sparks fly again.


Maintain Other Relationships

Maintaining strong ties to your friends and family is crucial. According to Everyday Health, recharging with your friends can help you relax, focus on other interests, and stay in touch with yourself as an individual outside of the relationship. All of this can help you return to your relationship relaxed and happy.


Prioritize Rest And Relaxation

The world can get stressful, so it's smart to recharge and rest on the regular. If you're running from one hectic activity to another, then it's easy to lose sight of what's important to you about your partner. Take a moment to relax so you can more fully appreciate your time together.



This may be the most important tip of all. According to The Huffington Post, listening attentively when your partner is talking can really help you both reconnect. Of course, it helps if your SO will return the favor as well. Whatever the case, you'll likely have a much better understanding of one another with a bit of observant listening.