What It Means If Baby Rolls Ahead Of Schedule

One of the most excited milestones for parents is when their child walks for the first time. I remember the excitement, joy, and adrenaline going through my body when I saw my niece walk for the first time, and can only image what her parents felt. When I asked my sister about my niece's first walk, which was ahead of schedule, she said the feeling was similar to when her daughter rolled for the first time. Since it caught her off guard, my sister had to research what to do if your baby rolls ahead of schedule. After all, she had to make sure my niece wasn't hurting herself with this early milestone.

A baby's first roll is important because it's their first big movement. Although every baby has their own timeframe on when it happens, Parents noted that most babies mater rolling by 6 or 7 months. Of course, as my niece proved, there is a chance that your baby will jumpstart the process a few months early. So what happens if they do?

According to What To Expect, babies develop enough upper body strength to roll over by 4 months with some doing it as early as 3 months. Due to this, parents of babies who begin to roll prior to the 4 months may be fearful of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome — better known as SIDS — because of the chance their breathing will be compromised. To help prevent the possibility of SIDS with a baby who rolls, the site noted that parents and caregivers should always place their baby to sleep on their backs. That being said, since they have developed the mobility to change positions, they also developed the ability to know when there's a trouble during sleep.

Still not convinced that your baby will be fine since they're rolling early? According to What To Expect, laying your baby down on their back with one arm extended will help them avoid rolling on their tummy because it tucks the air underneath. Additionally, if your baby is rolling early, the site suggested you keep an extra eye on your baby while on the changing table or any other place where their newly discovered moves could result in a hazardous fall. But as long as you are keeping an extra eye on your little one, then an early roll is something to celebrate, not fear.