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What To Do On July 4th If It Rains, Because Plenty Of Patriotic Fun Can Happen Indoors

A typical July 4th is filled with cookouts, pool parties, and kicking your feet up in your favorite patio chair. But what if Mother Nature is feeling cranky and crashes your party with dark clouds and rainstorms? Do you call it quits? No. You celebrate your independence even when the sun doesn't shine, because there's still lots to do on July 4th if it rains. So grab your party people and head inside — you're 4th of July fun isn't going down without a fight.

It may not be the chill barbecue you dreamt up when you planned your long weekend, but just because the party has to come indoors doesn't mean the vibe will be killed. All you need is a little creativity and some outside-the-box ideas and you'll pull off the coolest cook-in your guest have ever attended. (A few red, white, and blue cocktails won't hurt either.) With the winning combination of party food, music, and games (and I believe I mentioned cocktails, too), your Independence Day house party will go down in celebration history.

Before you cancel your outside plans for July 4th, challenge yourself to take on some of these 11 ideas to make an indoor Independence Day more fun that a basket of sparklers.


Make Patriotic Ribbon Pinwheels

Get crafty and make some festive decorations. With easy to follow instructions, 30 Minute Crafts walks you through making your own ribbon pinwheels — in red, white, and blue, of course. Stick them on a cupcake, in cheese squares, or spear a lime slice for cocktails and use in lieu of a tiny umbrella.


Make Use Of Storage Spaces

Have a garage or basement? These are perfect places to set up some of those common cookout games such as bean bag toss and horseshoes. Clear your boxes of Christmas decorations and let the games begin.


Make American Flag Lanterns

Just because the party has to come inside doesn't mean a glowing centerpiece is not in order. Set the table in style with these DIY American flag lanterns, from A Little Craft In Your Day.


Have An Indoor Picnic

Slide the sofa to the side and spread out that blanket — this July 4th picnic is coming to your living room. Don't let the rain ruin your celebration. Sit on the floor and pass the potato salad. It's the next best thing to being in the sunshine.


Bake Patriotic Mini Pies

Whip up a tasty treat for your guests that have a July 4th feel. These patriotic mini pies from Domestic Fits will be the perfect finish to your indoor picnic.


Enjoy Movies 3 Ways

Sometimes rainy days are made for movies. If storms roll in on your July 4th fun, try out a movie one of three ways:

  1. Go to the movies at the theatre.
  2. Watch some favorite flicks at home.
  3. Use a movie maker app to create your own patriotic cinema.


Make Ice Cream

Nothing says summer like a big bowl of homemade ice cream. Celebrate your indoor 4th fest with a unique ice cream flavor like syrup and waffles by Paper & Stitch. Your party guests will be pleasantly surprised by the break from the usual vanilla.


Try Some Trivia

Adults and kids can jump in on a game of american history trivia. Try a quiz about something patriotic like U.S. Presidents trivia from the World History Project website.


Play Board Games

Moving a party inside is the perfect excuse to dust off those board games hiding in your closet. Make the most of a rainy 4th with several rounds of Monopoly, Yahtzee, and Go Fish.


Sing A Song

Take some inspiration from your favorite patriotic songs, and create an original ballad, rap, or heavy metal jam paying homage to the U.S. Once everyone at the gathering has penned their tune, it's time to perform and vote on your favorite.


Play In The Rain

As long as there is no lightening in the area, put on your swim suits and dance in the rain. Run wild and free, and maybe even do a few belly slides down a hill if you're so inclined.