What To Do On Memorial Day If It Rains So You Can Still Have A Great Day Inside

Memorial Day is right around the corner and despite the amazing plans you've more than likely already made, sometimes the weather can change them in an instant. If the forecast is looking dim for this weekend you may be wondering what to do on Memorial Day if it rains. Luckily, there are plenty of great options that are just as fun as the backyard grill out or pool party you were planning.

Though Memorial Day is the traditional start to Summertime fun and you're probably envisioning sunshine, flip flops, cold drinks, and water fights, if rain is on the agenda your day might look more like puddles, clouds, and snuggling up inside trying to stay warm. If you have kids, a rainy Memorial Day can be even more complicated since letting the children run wild outside isn't usually the best option anymore.

If rain is on the forecast, never fear. With a little bit of creativity your Memorial Day plans will be just as awesome spent indoors as they would have been if you were outside basking in the sun. So don't cancel your party just yet, because Memorial Day is still worth celebrating, even when the weather isn't cooperating like you'd hoped.


Break Out The Boardgames

Your party doesn't have to be ruined by a little rain. Have everyone bring their favorite board game or pull from your own stash. A little bit of friendly competition never hurt anyone and chances are you'll end up having a ton of fun.


Try A New Restaurant

When your BBQ plans fall through, why not jump on the chance to try that new restaurant you've been dying to check out? Who knows, you may find a new favorite.


Go To The Movies

If your local theater is open on Memorial Day, chances are it won't be packed. It's the perfect excuse to buy tickets to the newest movie you've been dying to see.


Bring The Picnic Indoors

Bringing your picnic spread inside can be super fun. Throw a few blankets down on the floor and embrace the spontaneity.


Learn Some New Drinking Games

Take advantage of the fact that you're stuck inside with some adult-friendly games. Look up a new game online or stick to the classics, either way you're bound to have a good time despite the rain.


Embrace The Rain

If you're not scared to get a little bit dirty, there's nothing stopping your from staying outside. Play a muddy game of football or dance in the rain with your kiddos.


Celebrate The History Of Memorial Day

If you have kids, this could be the perfect opportunity to teach them a little bit about why we celebrate Memorial day in the first place. After all, it's much more than just a day to have fun.