What To Do When Your Slime Is Too Fluffy, & Your Kid's Not Having It

I'll admit that although I've made slime more times than I imagined I ever would with my toddler, I didn't realize that it could turn out so wrong so often. Perhaps that's because the parents in charge of making slime are usually trying to use slime as a distraction for their kids so they can actually get things done, and following directions to the letter sometimes goes by the wayside. That's why you need to know what to do when your slime is too fluffy, because that could spell total slime disaster.

If you've accidentally added too much shaving cream and ended up with slime that's too fluffy, you can do two things to fix the problem: you can add more drops of saline contact solution or you can add more glue to keep it from getting too fluffy, depending on the recipe and the part of the slime making process you're in. YouTuber Hannah Hancock explained in her YouTube tutorial, "When you have to add more shaving cream at the end, I usually add about four to six drops of contact solution." Later, however, Hancock needed to add more glue in order to combat having added too much shaving foam. It really depends on which recipe you're using.

Some slime recipes call only for glue, baking soda, contact solution, and food coloring. They don't involve shaving cream at all and there's no way to make them fluffy if you tried. However, other recipes specifically for fluffy slime do call for shaving foam, and they can actually end up being too fluffy. One reason for that is that it's pretty tricky to measure shaving foam, so you'll need to rely on eyeballing the right amount.

If you need help with that, you should probably look to YouTube. And do you know who has the best and most adorable recipes for fluffy slime? Middle schoolers. In fact, even if you're not planning on making slime in the near future, these videos are worthwhile. Their enthusiasm and earnestness will renew your faith in humanity. Li Wen and Hancock are just two users who share videos with fixes for fluffy slime.

The slime craze started with only DIY options for making slime at home with ingredients you'd find around your house. But of course, entrepreneurs and companies have seen an opportunity and come up with a whole range of products to help make your slime fool proof at home. Elmer's Glue has probably benefited the most from the surge in slime making, followed closely by Borax (who seem to only offer their product in one size: giant).

But other companies have come up with full slime-making kits that include all of the ingredients in the perfect ratios so you're less likely to need to be googling slime fixes late into the night to placate your grumpy kid. This silly slime kit comes with glue, glitter, various beads, slime activator, and all the containers you'll need to mix up the perfect slime.

Speaking of slime activator, if that's the trickiest part of your slime recipes, you can outsource that element. Slime activator is now something you can easily purchase online — and that would help you avoid buying that giant box of Borax that will sit in your closet until the next DIY goo craze takes hold.

But if slime activator doesn't solve all your slime problems, there's an even easier final solution. Just buy the slime. In minutes, you can even find blueberry scented slime on Etsy for less than you'd pay for a cup of coffee, or unicorn birthday cake slime for your special occasion slime needs. And you probably won't have to worry about troubleshooting your slime to get it to be the perfect consistency — at least not for a while.