What To Do When You're Stranded In The Airport With A Baby

Flying with your baby is stressful enough, but imagine if you had to figure out what to do when you're stranded in the airport with a baby. That scenario is enough to send any mother over the edge, but luckily there are some things you can do to survive, should you ever find yourself in this situation. Because if you're being realistic, air travel can be delicate; one little wrench in the system means a change of plans for hundreds of travelers.

If two of those travelers happen to be you and your baby, then it's not completely out of question to be prepared with an action plan for how you would make it through being stuck at the airport with a little one. An experienced traveler friend of mine once told me that travel rewards the prepared, and ever since she dropped that knowledge on me, I have seen the difference it makes to have a plan. Of course, you can't think of everything that could go wrong, but considering what may happen in advance gives you an advantage should your travel itinerary have some hiccups.

If you plan on traveling with your baby soon, remember these five tips that will help make your extended airport time way more tolerable.


Check Supplies

If you're stuck at the airport, you're going to need enough of the essentials to make it through the long stretch of hours. Every mom knows her diaper bag is her biggest lifeline, so take inventory of your supplies to make sure you have enough diapers, wipes, and food to hold you over. If you're running low, ask one of the flight attendants at your gate who you can talk to about getting more of what you need.


Ask About Lounges

You don't have to travel first class to enter the walls of airline lounges. Some clubs offer day passes for a fee, according to NBC News. This means, cleaner bathrooms, television, and complimentary snacks to keep you and the little one occupied while waiting our your flight.


Look For Play Areas

If your baby is old enough to crawl around and play, find where the play area is located and let them have a little fun. This is also a good place to see if any of the other parents there have a diaper they can spare if you were running low. Most mothers are happy to help a fellow mom in need.


Find A Quiet Place To Nap

As Business Insider pointed out, most parents plan flights to coincide with naps for their littles. So if you've been delayed, you're going to need to find a place to nap. Try wandering down to a gate that is not being used for a while so your baby can catch some Zs in peace.


Ask For Help

Don't be afraid to ask airport workers for help. If the first person you ask doesn't have the answer, they can likely point you in the direction of someone who can help. Don't try to do it all on your own — lighten your burden and ask for assistance when needed.