*Everything* Is On Sale At Godiva RN So Get Your V-Day Present STAT

That chocolate-y, pink and red holiday is coming up, right around the corner. Considering that I've never met a piece of chocolate that I didn't like, it's no surprise that shopping for sweet Valentine's Day gifts for friends and family is high on my list. While I do enjoy any old convenience store valentine, even the biggest chocoholics can agree that nicer chocolate makes for a much nicer gift. That's why you'll want to know exactly what to get at Godiva's Valentine's Day 2018 sale for your sweetie this year.

The Godiva Valentine's Day sale offers customers both a 20 percent discount storewide, as well as free shipping on orders over $60. Quite a few of their sale options include packs of several smaller boxes, so you can stock up on luxury chocolates for your besties.

One of the nice things about ordering a gift for someone from Godiva is that the box is pretty enough on its own. No need for extra wrapping! Plus you can see exactly what flavors exactly are contained in each box before you add to your cart. The only downside? You're definitely going to want to order an extra box for yourself. But would we really call that a downside? When they're having such a good sale, I think not.

Keep scrolling to find the perfect Valentine's Day gift for your beau, friend or even just yourself.


21 Piece Valentine's Day Assorted Chocolate Gift Box

21 Piece Valentine's Day Assorted Chocolate gift box, $32 (was: $40), Godiva

With a mixture of 21 dark, milk and white chocolates, this box is a sure bet for anyone who loves all kinds of chocolate. The red illustrated box features a festive tree, so it's less smothered with hearts and red lips than other options, making it festive but not cheesy.


Cups Of Love Chocolate Gift Box

Cups of Love Chocolate gift box, $22 (was: $28), Godiva

With nine little cups of chocolate from Godiva's Cups of Love collection, this gift box includes some extra special flavors like strawberry milk chocolate and pistachio white chocolate. Yum!


Expressions Of Love Gift Box

Expressions of Love gift box, $60 (was: $75), Godiva

For the ultimate chocolate lover who might not be such a fan of all things pink and red, this slightly more understated gift box doesn't skimp on the chocolate in the least. The Expressions of Love gift box includes three separate boxes of chocolate and a little tray to serve them on.


Date Night Gift Box

Date Night gift box, $51 (was: $80), Godiva

Date night, sorted. With a candle and vice dice (which are worth over $20 alone) that can kick start your romantic evening and chocolates to finish it off, this gift box packs quite a Valentine's Day punch.


Letters To My Love Chocolate Gift Box

Letters to my Love Chocolate gift box, $25 (was: $31), Godiva

In addition to a sweet little box of chocolates, this gift set also includes a little book with prompts to help you write letters to your love. If you're going to write all 12 included, you'll probably want to get expedited shipping so you can get going before the big day. Or you could write a couple now and spread the rest out throughout the year to surprise your Valentine with the occasional note.


Chocolate Hearts Tower

Chocolate Hearts Tower, $46 (was: $58), Godiva

If you have more than one sweetie in your life, this little tower of chocolate boxes would be a good option. Each individual box can be gifted to a different recipient, or you can give one person the whole stack for an epic gift.


I Love You Chocolate Celebration Basket

I Love You Chocolate Celebration Basket, $68 (was: $85), Godiva

Maybe you really love where you work, or you want to spoil your kid's teachers. This celebration basket will easily feed a crowd, with treats to spare. The 'I Love You' ribbon might be a little over the top, but hey, 'tis the season!


Valentine's Day 2018 Limited Edition Plush Teddy Bear with Chocolate Carrés

Valentine's Day 2018 Limited Edition Plush Teddy Bear with Chocolate Carrés, $20 (was: $25), Godiva

If you think your valentine would appreciate delivery of their chocolates by a fuzzy little teddy bear, this one's for you. For just $20, you can impress your valentine with his tweed vest and heart-printed bow-tie, as well as a bag full of delicious chocolates.


Set of 4 Chocolate Cherry Cordials

Set of 4 Chocolate Cherry Cordials, $32 (was: $40), Godiva

Cherry cordials are a little risky on the chocolate spectrum, because not everyone likes fruity goo in their chocolate. But if you know a few people who do, they'll be thrilled with these little sleeves.

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