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Target's President's Day Sale Will Make You Want To Redecorate STAT

It's President's Day weekend — did you remember? Nope, me neither. It's just one of those holidays that sneaks up on you but what a beautiful surprise it can be. With President's Day comes a three day weekend and great deals at your favorite stores. I know, President's Day is more than just about deals — it's a day to celebrate the leaders of our nation — but let's get back to talking about President's Day 2018 sales, especially the one at Target.

Right now Target, probably your favorite store, has up to 30 percent off home items. Oh Target, thank you for understanding what America really wants: home decor!

Throw pillows, bedding, lighting, oh my! If you've been thinking about doing a little redecorating around your house, this is your chance. BTW, did you get your tax return yet? I hope you did, because you are going to spend it on all on these awesome deals. With Target's trendy style, your home will be looking hip in no time. Go to the store or shop online for these excellent offerings. If you do decide to shop online, don't forget to type in the promo code GEORGE (for George Washington, duh), you'll get an extra 15 percent off indoor and outdoor furniture and rugs.

Looks like this President's Day weekend is turning out to be way more successful than anticipated.


Faux Fur Throw Pillow

Faux Fur Throw Pillow, $15, Target

This white throw pillow is not only super trendy right now, but it's on sale, too (it was originally $20). Add it to your couch, side chair, or bed. It's super soft and will make any room look fab.


Gold Desk Lamp

Task Lamp With Marble Base, $40, Target

This marble and gold desk lamp looks like it would be really expensive, but because it's from Target, nope — it's totally affordable. This unique lamp will look great on a desk, side table, or even a book shelf.


Accent Chair

Cicely Tufted Accent Chair, $120, Target

An accent chair can really transform a living room. Target has a bunch of accent chairs, ranging in different types of styles and colors, all at affordable prices.


Marble Round Table

Marble Round Table, $76, Target

If you are a fan of the gold and marble look, this side table is perfect for your home. It looks fancy, but it would actually work in most rooms because of the neutral colors.


Toddler Bed

Sleigh Toddler Bed, $76, Target

If your little one is in need of a big boy or girl bed, Target has options under a hundred dollars, so now's the perfect time to take advantage. I know, they grow up so fast.


Wicker Basket

Wicker Large Milk Crate, $17, Target

Get some cute brown wicker baskets to help you organize anything in your home for less than twenty dollars. These large baskets are the perfect place to store all your little one's toys, towels in the bathroom, or even use as laundry baskets. And it's a look that never goes out of style.


Accent Rug

Kenya Fleece Accent Rug, $29, Target

A beautiful rug can bring a whole room together. So, hurry down to Target where the deals are so good, you might end up getting one for every room.


Coffee Maker

Keurig K-Select Single Serve Coffee Maker, $100, Target

Why not treat yourself this President's Day to a new coffee maker? Keurig's countertop coffee makers are so easy to use, you'll be thankful for them during those busy mornings.


Tee Pee

Tee Pee Pillowfort, $55, Target

Not only is this adorable but your kids will love it, too. With its crisp modern design, you might even even consider setting it up in your living room to give your kid that perfect little hideaway.



Macrame Wall Tapestries, $53, Target

If you're looking for something to hang on the walls, look no further than these super cool tapestries. They can add a cool, hippy twist to any space. Plus, they just feel like they come with good vibes, and I think we can all agree that everyone could use some good vibes.

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