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The American Girl Post-Holiday Sale Includes 50% Off Some Doll Sets & Accessories

Holiday shopping might be fun, but it’s the after holiday sales that have the best deals, especially on America’s favorite dolls. Kids all over the world are obsessed with everything American Girl: the dolls, the clothes, the furniture, and the gear. I’m sure moms secretly get a little joy out of their kids’ dolls too, because everything they make is just so darned cute. So if you’ve been waiting for your favorites to go on sale, here's what to get at the American Girl after-Christmas 2017 sale, because they have got a ton of great deals.

The thing that I love the most about American Girl accessories and clothes are the craftsmanship and quality, along with the realistic details. Some of the play sets are so real looking, you can’t tell whether they are for a doll or for a kid, which is probably why American Girl stands out from the rest. Whether you want a historical favorite or a modern 2018 doll, every family is sure to find the perfect doll with accessories from American Girl.

Their post-holiday sale has lots of deals, some over 60 percent off their original prices. Here are some of the best deals while supplies last, so grab what you can, because with prices like these, they'll sell out fast.

Scooter & Helmet Set

A lot of doll gear and accessories are on sale at the American Girl store right now. They have this adorable purple Scooter & Helmet Set ($30, American Girl) that can have your Truly Me doll riding with wheels that roll, a turning handlebar, quilted seat, working lights and sounds, a license plate that can be decorated with stickers, and an adjustable red helmet. With this great deal, you save $10 off the original price.

Pet Kits

American Girls love their pets, and you will find a ton of cool pets and a pet craft kit on sale. The craft kits are great, because they combine pretend play with hands-on creativity, so kids can make and decorate the accessories they play with. In the post holiday sale you can save $16 on this Doll Pets ($9, American Girl) kit that has all kinds of crafty stuff to make pet accessories, or save $23 on this Doll Pets DIY Package ($21, American Girl) that comes with everything you need to open your own pet spa. My favorite is this gorgeous Fancy Pomeranian Pet-House Set ($35, American Girl) that comes with a sweet Pomeranian puppy, her purse, and a dog house to decorate.

Girls' Clothes

Oh what fun it is to dress in your favorite American Girl apparel. They have tons of great girls' clothes on sale, including this terrific black moto Dance Jacket for Girls ($17, American Girl) and this Pretty Poodle Dress for Girls ($23, American Girl). Both are over 60 percent off their original price.

Girls' Slippers

Along with great deals on accessories for dolls, the American Girl post holiday sale is offering awesome savings on kid’s accessories too, including slippers. She can be cozy in these adorable Lamb Slippers for Little Girls ($11, American Girl) or these Rainforest Dreams Slippers for Girls ($11, American Girl) and both are 50 percent off the original price.

Doll Clothes

The most fun part about having a doll is changing her outfits, and no one makes better doll outfits than American Girl. You can find this Rainforest Hike Outfit for 18-inch Dolls ($13, American Girl) that’s 62 percent off the original price, or save 50 percent on this Tropical Adventure Dress for 18-inch Dolls ($12, American Girl). Both sets come with shoes, accessories, and clothes.

Doll Play Sets

Pretend play with your doll is so much fun, especially when you have realistic looking play sets. You can save 50 percent off this exquisitely detailed Kit’s Reporter Set ($14, American Girl) that comes with an accordion-style camera that really opens and closes, a box of Kodak film, a journal, a fountain pen, a supply pouch, old replica mini newspapers, and Great Depression era photos. And save 50 percent off this Lasagna Dinner Set ($12, American Girl) that looks good enough to eat. It comes with a lasagna pan, two plates, two forks, two cut pieces of lasagna for serving, two slices of pretend garlic bread, and a bottle of pretend olive oil.

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