Not A Drill: The Gap Sale Includes $8 'Star Wars' Kids' Tees & $15 PJs For You

If there's one thing you can count on the Gap for (and, actually, there are lots of things), it's great sales. The mall staple is known for putting its many bestselling items on sale, as career fans of the label know, especially around this time of year. But how do you plan what to get at the Gap 2017 holiday sale?

Whether you're shopping for yourself trying to fulfill all of your last-minute gifting obligations, there's definitely something at the Gap right now that's bound to fit the bill. There's even an impressive assortment of potential gifts for $20 or less... and honestly, you can't do much better than that.

Naturally, you could roll up to your local Gap (after circling the parking lot a few dozen times) and paw through the clearance rack for some out-and-out steals. But who has the time, energy, or patience — particularly with Christmas less than two weeks away? It makes infinitely more sense to scroll through the Gap's website, where you won't be elbowed by competitive shoppers or break out into a frantic sweat because you forgot to leave your coat in the car yet again.

To give you a head start, we've rounded up some of the most desirable items for sale right now.


For The Starry-Eyed Sister

Star Fringe Scarf, $20, Gap

An all-purpose scarf that adds some starry-eyed whimsy to almost anything, this is perfect for the lady in your life who loves the zodiac (or just knows she's secretly a star). Originally $29.95.


For Someone Planning A Winter Getaway

Braided Band Floppy Hat, $13, Gap

Know someone who's packing their bag for warmer temperatures? This hat (originally $34.95) will guarantee they don't get too much sun, even if they're ready to soak up all the rays.


For the Person Who Hates To Do Laundry

3-Pack of Socks, $10, Gap

The more socks you have, the less frequently you have to do laundry, right? These polka-dot pairs (originally $15.95) are sure to be appreciated by college students and busy moms alike.


For The Comfort Queen

Poplin Roll Sleep Pants, $20, Gap

Deep down, don't we all just want to live in our pajamas? Inspire her to abandon "real" clothes for good with these soft, slouchy pants (originally $34.95 and available in a variety of prints).


For The Person Who Won't Sleep In An Old T-Shirt

Stripe Ribbed Sleep Tee, $15, Gap

Some of us are content to sleep in ratty old t-shirts we borrowed from somebody in college and forgot to give back; others are more particular. Those in the latter will love this soft but stylish sleep tee, originally $29.95.


For the Friend Who Doesn't Want Her Blow-Out To Get Ruined

Camo Print Umbrella, $20, Gap

Because rain is the natural enemy of sleek, shiny hair, this umbrella (originally $24.95) is every woman with a blow-out's best friend.


For The Next Jedi

Star Wars Split-Back Tee, $8, Gap

You can't go wrong with a Rey t-shirt this year, and this is the perfect time to snap this one up: It was originally $29.95!


For The Sk8r Boi-In-Training

Graphic Long Sleeve Tee, $13, Gap

No matter if the kid has never seen a skate park, he'll look 100 percent rad in this shirt (do they still say rad nowadays?). Originally $19.95.


For The Someday Shoe Collector

Cat Ballet Flats, $15, Gap

Start her off on the right foot (Get it?) with these ridiculously adorable cat flats, which we honestly wish they made in adult sizes. Originally $24.95.


For the Dude With The Coldest Ears

Faux Fur Trapper Hat, $24, Gap

It's a fact of winter life: Ears get really, really cold. Except not with this hat, which was originally $39.95!

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