Um, You Guys, The Nordstrom Holiday Sale Includes 40% Off Maternity Jeans

Let me tell you how much I love Nordstrom. I live in Brooklyn, New York. We have no traditional Nordstrom stores (we have Nordstrom Rack — their discount outlet) in the city. I happily drive all the way to the middle of freaking Long Island, about 22 miles away, in Long Island traffic, to get to their sales. If you're willing to sit in traffic for something, it's special. I'm a Nordstrom expert, so you'll want to heed my advice on this one. Here's what to get at the Nordstrom holiday 2017 sale, because their discounts make your knees weak.

When I was growing up, Nordstrom sounded so fancy. It was like Harrods or Barney's in my estimation. Little did I know that the consistently clean bathrooms with real walls and doors are not attached to overpriced nonsense. (By the way, bathrooms? So important, and yes, I'm judging a store by its loo.) Sure, they have designer goods and services like personal shoppers and tailors, but they also have multipacks of baby socks for $10 and tons of makeup featuring a free gift with purchase. I don't know any avid makeup lover who isn't a huge fan of the free gift with purchase. You do not want to know how many little makeup bags my daughter has acquired this way. What to buy at the Nordstrom holiday sale is a bit personal and unique, but there are always a few sure bets in the bunch, so look at those first.


Brands that seemingly never go on sale, like Born, Vince Camuto, and UGG see discounts of 20 percent or more at the Nordstrom holiday sale. These ones above are Vince Camuto — I've been eyeing them for a while, but waffled because of the $240 price tag. They're 50 percent off at $119 right now. Mama is getting new boots.


In addition to writing here at Romper, I'm also a graduate student. If you've ever had to lug your phone, computer, iPad, three notebooks, and a folder on the train, you'll know how key a good bag can be. Nordstrom strips the prices big time for their sales, and like this sexy Rebecca Minkoff Moonwalk bag, coming in at $177, it's not an overwhelming price for something you'll get years of good use from.

Trendy Topshop Items

To be fair, Topshop goods are usually decently priced, but they're so trendy, many of us just won't justify spending even $100 on an item we like. This vegan leather coat is just $64 during the holiday sale, and less than a sushi dinner with your partner. You'll look cool and know you didn't splurge on something you may hate in a year or two.


Watches can get really expensive, and they don't often go on sale. This holiday, a ton are on sale. This Uri Minkoff Pesaro model is 40 percent off, and it's only $117.

Party Supplies

Nordstrom's tableware goes on deep discount around this time of year, and glasses like these are perfect for your holiday parties. You can just picture these being clinked at midnight on New Year's Eve, right? These Daphne prosecco glasses are four for $15.

Baby Bunting

Baby bunting, especially cute designer bunting that you'd never buy if it wasn't on sale, is really pricey. This bunting wasn't obscene to begin with, but at $25? It's a steal.

Kids' Sneakers

My son burns through sneakers at an alarming rate. I have zero clue how he does it, but holy smokes, does he ever. Get a few sizes while they're on sale, trust me. These Nikes are just $44. That's about 40 percent off, and they'll last just slightly longer on my son, which is worth every penny. Shopping with a 9-year-old who never ever wants to shop, is oh so fun.


This compact eye shadow is only $25 right now, and if you spend just $35, you get a free gift. It's a good gift as well. Also, this one doesn't have a ton of colors you'll never use. I cannot wait to get my hands on this.

Maternity Jeans

Do you know what never goes on sale, ever? Maternity jeans. They know you have no choice but to shell out the bucks for what you need, because you're kind of in a bind. These are 40 percent off at $75, and don't have that horrid over-the-belly panel.

Cute Party Dresses

When I need a party dress, I never have one I like or want. This is being proactive. Also, if I hang it in my husband's side of the closet, perhaps with a big, bright light pointed at it, and perhaps with a printed Yelp review for a new restaurant, he'll get the hint that I want a date. (Perhaps he'll just read this post.) This gorgeous dress is from Alice + Olivia and it's $237.

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