10 Messages To Write In Your Child's Birthday Card That Will Guarantee A Smile

As a writer, penning a birthday card is oddly pressurized. You're expected to be eloquent in general, but birthdays typically only inspire a set number of sentiments. Of course, writing your own kid's birthday card takes that pressure to another level, especially if you happen to be the kind of person who saves all those birthday cards as mementos. That's why we could all use a little primer on what to write in your child's birthday card, because you want it to be fun and memorable, and that can be tricky.

Wishing your kid a great next year, lamenting that they're growing up so fast, or other such unspecific birthday card messages never seem quite enough for your own child. Instead, try being as heartfelt as possible, and try to remember that the goal is to make your child feel loved and special on their birthday. It doesn't have to be award-winning poetry to convey that you love them, know them, and are glad they are your kid.

Likewise, it doesn't really matter what card you write your message in. My grandmother was so frugal she used to cut the second page out of cards and just write on the back side of the front. I loved them every year.

If your child has a birthday coming up, here are some memorable and heartfelt messages to get you started.


There's Nothing More Special Than The Day You Were Born

While they might not appreciate knowing the details of their birth at age 9, eventually they will. And simply knowing that this day is special to their parents because they arrived on the scene is important.


I Know You're Going To Make An Amazing 10-Year-Old!

Acknowledging that your child is heading into a new year with new responsibilities and exciting opportunities is another way to celebrate your kid's birthday. And reassuring them that they're ready for the next step is sweet as well.


I Hope All Your Wishes Come True

Those birthday candle wishes are important, so giving them an extra boost in your kid's card is a good bet. Just don't make them tell you what it is, then it definitely won't come true!


My World Is Brighter Because Of You

Focusing on how much brighter your child makes your world is simple and sweet and perfect for a birthday card.


I Will Never Forget The Moment I Met You

Especially as your child gets older, he or she probably will be moved by envisioning the moment their parents met their child for the first time. It's an earth-shaking moment that all parents share, but that the children have to learn about later. Make sure to tell your kid about it in one of their birthdy cards at least!


Our Love For You Grows More Each Year

Just because your child is getting older doesn't mean they're outgrowing their parents. Reassure them of this in a birthday card, that you love them more each year that passes.


You Are Our Greatest Gift And We Love Watching You Grow!

While the hubbub of a birthday can definitely take over, what with cake and presents and all that, it's important to remind your kid that they are the reason for the celebration. Adding a bonus reminder that you just love having them around is a plus!


You Are The Superstar Of The Party

Well, the day is about them, isn't it? You may as well lay it on thick and remind them that this is their day, and they get to be the center of attention.


We Are Your Biggest Fans

A birthday card message doesn't have to be long or overly flowery. If you're not much for drawn out cards, go with this: "We are your biggest fans." They will get the message and appreciate it.


Thank You For Making Us The Proudest Parents

I don't think there was anything more special when I was growing up than my parents telling me they were proud of me. It was such a lovely feeling. That's why it will make a very nice birthday card message for your kid.