The Myers-Briggs Score Test & Your Co-Parent

There are plenty of ways to pass the time while you're waiting for your little one to arrive. One of my favorite things to do was imagine what kind of dad my husband would be to our son. Would he be hip, fun, strict, empathetic, or a combination? Well, if you're anything like me, you can satiate your curiosity and see what type of parent your partner will be based on their Myers-Briggs score. If you think this is just another personality quiz that's about as accurate as a fortune cookie, thing again.

In fact, according to the official site of The Myers & Briggs Foundation (TMBF), the Myers-Briggs test is used in the workplace for employers to better understand their employees. So who could blame you for wanting to see what kind of parenting assets your partner will have? To decode their type, you'll need to know what the letters in the Myers-Briggs score mean. As TMBF noted, I is for introversion, E is extroversion, S is sensing, N is intuition, T is thinking, F is feeling, J is judging, and P is perceiving. Now that the boring part is over, check out what kind of parent your partner will be based on their Myers-Briggs score.


If your partner is the strong and silent type, they might just be an ISTJ who is studious, methodical, logical, and likes keeping things tidy, according to TMBF. Your partner will likely be the voice of reason in the family and help everyone stick to their schedules.


The typical ISFJ is responsible, practical, and thoughtful, as TMBF noted, and those aren't bad qualities to have in a partner or parent. Though you might want to be more spontaneous, you'll thank them later for keeping a level-head and remembering to pack sunscreen while you just bolted out the door.


Your introverted significant other, an INFJ, is discerning, perceptive, and self-assured, according to TMBF. If you ever have moments of doubt, you can count on them to be your rock and help navigate parenthood together.


A classic INTJ is ambitious, independent, and logical, according to TMBF. The words "cautious optimism" will likely be a mainstay in your partner's vocabulary regarding any parenting adventures. But at least they'll be by your side even if they're a bit on the methodical side.


According to TMBF, an ISTP is a trouble-shooter, helpful, and efficient. You've lucked out since your partner will be the first to volunteer for diaper-changing duty, helping with homework, or anything else that allows your family to function smoothly.


If your partner is an ISFP, they're gentle, loyal, and kind, according to TMBF. It should be noted that this doesn't mean your significant other will be a passive parent. They're still very capable of putting their foot down on important matters — they just prefer the softer approach in general.


According to TMBF, your typical INFP is inquisitive, flexible, and optimistic. This is your classic "go with the flow" type of parent. The glass will be perpetually half-full with your partner and they'll help you see the silver-lining in any scenario.


If they were to have it their way, an INTP prefers logical, sensible, and analytical, situations where they can flex their mental muscle, as TMBF noted. Give your partner any problem, and they'll relish the process of solving the conundrum.


Generally, an ESTP is lively, random, and adaptable, according to TMBF. Your partner will thrive in the "fun parent" role and you'll benefit from their spontaneity and enthusiasm.


If your significant other is an ESFP, they're tolerant, spontaneous, and creatures of comfort, according to TMBF. They'll bring a healthy balance of mindfulness and merriment to your family dynamic.


For the most part, an ENFP is inventive, witty, and sweet, as TMBF noted. Basically, if your partner's parenting style was paired with a job, they'd be a comedy improv performer.


If your partner has the typical traits of an ENTP, they're bold, observant, and resourceful, according to TMBF. If your partner was to star in a movie about their parenting persona, they'd rival Liam Neeson in Taken. Nobody messes with your family on their watch.


According to TMBF, an ESTJ is down-to-earth, practical, and driven. Striking a happy medium between mellow and motivated, your partner is definitely bringing their A-game to the parenting arena.


Your average ESFJ is a warm, tolerant, and helpful soul, according to TMBF. In parenting, your partner will flourish in the nurturing department.


Typically, an ENFJ is responsive, sociable, and emotionally in touch with others, as TMBF noted. If you're ever feeling burnt out, you can count on your partner to be empathetic and inspiring.


According to TMBF, an ENTJ is honest, goal-oriented, and loves leadership. It won't quite be a fight to the death for control of the reins in your household, but your partner will definitely have a strong opinion about their parenting methods.