A Myers Briggs Guide To Your Relationship

It's probably a safe bet that, at one point or another, everyone has wished they could see into the future. But unless you're a member of the X-Men or you stumbled upon a mysterious crystal ball in your grandma's attic, then you'll have to settle for more realistic ways to predict what's in store for you. One of the most common things my friends and I wished we could "know" about was our future love lives. If you're curious about your romantic future, you might want to consider what type of partner you'll be based on your Myers Briggs score. It may not be a guarantee, but it's definitely a fun way to guess how your love life will turn out according to your particular personality type.

If you're not familiar with the Myers Briggs test and its corresponding score, there's no need to worry. Basically, The Myers Briggs Foundation (TMBF) sorts your personality into these four categories: I is for introversion, E is extroversion, S is sensing, N is intuition, T is thinking, F is feeling, J is judging, and P is perceiving, according to TMBF. Once you know your official Myers Briggs score, you can scroll down and check out what kind of partner you'll likely be in your relationship.


In general, TMBF noted that an ISTJ is contemplative, sensible, and values logic. You'll probably be the level-headed one in the relationship who is great at problem-solving.


If you're an ISFJ, you're thoughtful, harmonious, and responsible, according to TMBF. Your partner will be lucky to have you since you will go above and beyond in the kind and caring department,


As TMBF noted, an INFJ is insightful, discerning, and organized. Nothing will get past you since you're incredibly perceptive. This can come in handy when you're trying to gauge your significant other's mood.


Breaking away from the stereotype of being anti-social, an INTJ is independent, loyal, and values originality, according to TMBF. Your unique blend of introversion and creativity means that you'll always keep things fresh in your relationship.


As TMBF noted, an ISTP is quiet, analytical, and flexible. Your significant other might underestimate you at first, but your keen eye and sharp mind prove otherwise.


The classic ISFP is gentle, quiet, and agreeable, according to TMBF. Since you tend to avoid conflict, be careful that your peaceful nature isn't misread as being a passive partner.


As TMBF noted, an INFP is hopeful, inquisitive, and adapts easily to virtually any situation. As a partner, your optimism and resilience can keep any relationship feeling sunny.


A classic INTP is curious, skeptical, and thinks in abstract terms, according to TMBF. Your head tends to be in the cloud when it comes to relationships, but that's not a problem if you have a partner who keeps you grounded.


As TMBF noted, an ESTP is extroverted, energetic, and tolerant. You'll be the type of partner who dreams, and encourages your significant other to do the same.


A typical ESFP is outgoing, kind, and friendly, according to TMBF. You're always down to try something new and have an appetite for adventurous relationships.


According to TMBF, an ENFP is creative, sharp, and rolls with the punches. Able to improvise in just about any situation, you'll be the kind of partner who can rescue a picnic on a rainy day.


Being an ENTP, you're bold, spontaneous, and opinionated, according to TMBF. Basically, you're a partner who refuses to settle and reaps the rewards for not compromising your standards.


As TMBF noted, an ESTJ is a pragmatic, confident, and ambitious. You're goal-oriented in every area of your life, and relationships are no exception. As a partner, you know what you want and aren't afraid to voice it.


For the most part, an ESFJ is nurturing, kind, and conscientious, according to TMBF. Your warmhearted nature makes you an incredibly caring partner. But remember to take care of yourself, too.


As TMBF noted, an ENFJ is sensitive, inspiring, and guided by instinct. Your intuition will lead you in love and, as a partner, your empathetic disposition will be greatly appreciated.


Typically, an ENTJ is spontaneous, honest, and assertive, as TMBF noted. Others might criticize you for coming on too strong, but your bold attitude is exactly what will draw your partner to you.