8 Ways Princess Diana Embodied Her Zodiac Sign

by Christina Montoya Fiedler

It has been over 20 years since Princess Diana died in a tragic car accident, and the world is still deeply invested in her legacy. So much so, in fact, that some people might be interested to learn more about what Princess Diana's zodiac sign was and how it might have played a role in her life.

Lady Diana Frances Spencer was born on July 1, 1961, meaning she falls under the astrological sign of Cancer. Cancer is a water sign, and people born during this time tend to crave human companionship, according to Your Tango. And Cancers might best be known for wearing their heart on their sleeve, according to Famous Birthdays, which Diana most certainly did. Some famous Cancer celebs include Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, Solange Knowles, Nicole Scherzinger, and Busy Philipps. It seems that Diana is in good company, right?

Furthermore, Cancers are unbelievably relatable people with a number of positive attributes including selflessness, empathy, compassion, and unrivaled loyalty, according to Compatible Astrology. Anyone can take one look at Diana's life and know that she exuded those qualities daily, making her a true Cancer.

Now that you're familiar with this star sign, here are eight examples of Princess Diana's Cancerian ways.

She Exuded Creativity

Princess Diana's Kensington Palace apartment was a testament to her creativity, a very prominent Cancer trait. She decorated the living space from top to bottom and it often served as the back drop for many interviews, according to House Beautiful.

She Was Warm & Loving Mother

When you think of British mothers, the stereotypes of a stand-offish, strict, parental figure may come to mind. But this is not so with Diana. Like a typical Cancer, she was warm and loving and it's proven in nearly every photo of her and the two princes, according to Horoscope Friends.

Empathetic To Others

There was a reason Diana was called "The People's Princess." That's because she was able to break the royal barrier and truly empathize with every person she encountered, whether it be with refugees or a fan waiting in the rain for a peek at the Princess, according to The Guardian. So it's no surprise empathy is one of Cancer's most dominant traits, according to Explore Astrology.

A Passion For Helping Others Made Her Outspoken

Princess Diana was something the royal family had never encountered before, as her deep commitment to political causes and human rights made her very vocal. As it turns out, Cancers are often outspoken because of their passionate ideas and beliefs, according to CheatSheet.

Her Deep Understanding Of Human Nature

Princess Diana had a deep understanding of human nature, which made her one of the most accomplished humanitarians of the time. She was a prolific fundraiser and was involved in more than 100 charities, a fact that exemplifies Cancer's empathic side. And it's difficult to be empathic when you don't understand human nature, which Cancers are great at because they can intuitively read people, according to Zodiac Fire.

As for one of Princess Diana's biggest humanitarian causes, she championed AIDS/HIV education and research, according to TIME, which led her son, Prince Harry, to take up the cause later in life.

She Had A Typical Cancer-Scorpio Marriage

According to Compatible Astrology, Cancer-Scorpio pairings are often intense. And that's a pretty good word to sum up Diana's relationship with Prince Charles, as their marriage experienced many ups and downs. Furthermore, while Cancer-Scorpio relationships often start off hot and heavy, they tend to die out rather quickly.

Her Intuition Was Incredible

Diana reportedly had a feeling that Charles was having an affair, even before proof confirmed it for her, according to Reader's Digest. This isn't that surprising, however, as intuition is strong with Cancers, according to Famous Birthdays.

Loyal... But To A Fault?

Despite the affair, Diana reportedly hoped that things would work out for her and Prince Charles, according to The Mirror. Unfortunately, however, they never made it work. Cancers are the ultimate loyalists, so it makes sense Princess Diana continually tried to sustain her marriage.