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What Will Chelsea Clinton Name Her Baby? The Baby Will Arrive Just Before The General Election


Chelsea Clinton and husband Marc Mezvinsky are expecting baby number two over the summer, just as the weather — and grandmother Hillary Clinton's race for president — heats up. The new addition to the very famous and powerful family comes as the former Secretary of State finds herself in a hotly contested primary race with Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and faces the prospect of a brutal general election contest with fellow new grandparent Donald Trump. A little happy baby news will undoubtedly be a welcome distraction from the campaign trail. But first things first, what will Chelsea Clinton name her baby? It's anyone's guess, really.

Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky is the name of Chelsea and Marc's first baby, and it doesn't really provide any clues about how the parents will go about picking their second baby's name. But I love the idea of the nod to the Clinton legacy by giving Charlotte "Clinton" as a middle name and I'm sure they'll do the same with their second child. The parents are opting, just as they did with baby Charlotte, to wait until the birth to find out the sex of their new baby. So odds are they're having to pick both a suitable boy and girl name to get ready. But there's no doubt, regardless of the baby's name, the arrival of the little one will make huge presidential politics news. Clinton often touts her grandmother experience among her most significant in preparing her for the big job.

Here's the original announcement from Chelsea Clinton about her pregnancy with baby number two.

And of course the excited reaction from Clinton.

Charlotte's sibling will arrive just a couple of short month's after Clinton's presumptive general election opponent Donald Trump just welcomed another grandchild, Theodore James, courtesy of Trump's daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner. The baby is the couple's third child together. So, if we're looking for any kind of a trend on the presidential baby name front, it looks like classic and traditional are winning out over more modern names. No word yet on whether Trump will use the "Lyin' Ted" moniker on his new grandson.

Taking into account the classic baby names revival, here are a couple of suggestions for the new Clinton-Mezvinky baby. If they want to keep up with baby names that start with a "C," they might consider Charles, which is the masculine version of Charlotte. Or how about George, Fred, or Oscar?

For a girl, the parents could go with another Chelsea or how about Claire, Catherine, Camille, or even Carolina? Colette is also a pretty name.

Just a few thoughts.

Here are two of the most powerful people on the planet reduced to a pile of goo over their little grandaughter Charlotte. And, after all of the controversy and seriousness surrounding the Clintons for the past two decades, it's really fun to see them as grandma and grandpa every once in a while.

But, in the weeks leading up to Chelsea's due date, all we can do is guess what she'll name her new baby. One name you can pretty much bet will be off the table is "Donald."